Somatoform and Dissociative Disoders

  1. What are the different kinds of somatoform disorders?
    • hypochondriasis
    • body dysmorphic disorder
    • conversion disorder
    • pain disorder
    • somatoform disorder
  2. What does hypochondiasis share with other mood and panic disorders?
    similar age of onset, personality characteristics, familial aggregation
  3. How is hypochondriasis different from illness phobia?
    • illness phobia- marked fear of developing a disease
    • hypochondriasis- anxious that they actually have the disease, more likely to misinterpret physical symptoms and engage in checking behaviour
  4. How is panic disorder different from hypochondriasis?
    • panic disorder- fear IMMEDIATE symptoms related catastrophes
    • hypochondirasis- fear the LONG-TERM process of illness and disease, and wider range of symptoms
  5. Is hypochondriasis more prevalent among the elderly?
  6. Why are somatic symptoms difficult to deal with in psychopathology
    • ruling out physical causes
    • determining the nature of the physical complaints
    • awareness of the specific culture or subculture of the patient
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