body cavities

  1. body cavaties:
    are spaces within the body that help protect seperate and support internal organ
  2. cranial cavity
    which contains the brain
  3. vertibral canal
    which contains the spinal cord, three layers of protective tissues called the meninges.
  4. Thoracic cavity
    is formed by the ribs, the chest musceles, the sternum and the back bone
  5. pericardial cavity
    a fluid filled space that surrounds the heart
  6. pleural cavities
    two fluid filled spaces around each lung
  7. mediastinum
    central part of the thoracic cavity
  8. diaphragm
    a domed shape muscle that seperates the thoracic cavity from the abdominopelvic cavity
  9. abdominopelvic cavity
    extends from the diaphragm to the groin and is encircled by abdominal wall and the bones and muscles of the pelvis.
  10. abdominal cavity
    contains the stomach spleen liver gallbladder small intestine and most of large intestine.
  11. pelvic cavity
    contains the urinary bladder, portions of the large intestine and internal organs of the reproductive system.
  12. viscera
    organs in the thoracic and abdominopelvic cavities
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