FST 360

  1. the food safety modrenization act requires all food processors to hav a food safety plan
  2. potenially hazardous food include raw oysters and beef jerky
    F, not beef jerky
  3. the Food agricultural parctices are regulations required by USDA but not FDA
  4. A food that has a pH of 5 is 30 times more acidic than a food at pH 6
    F, 10x more acidic
  5. Clostridum contamination arises though fecal contamination
  6. Histamine (scombrotoxin) causes facial itching by vasodilation of blood vessels
  7. Turtles and poultry are both recongized as a source of Complobacter
    F - salmonella
  8. USDA as regulatory authority over alfalfa sprouts
  9. once the symptoms of Clostridum prefringrens intoxication is respiratoy paralysis
    F -botcholism
  10. if you have 10 bacteria and they have a doubling time of 30 minutes, you wil ahve a population of 640 cells in 2.5 hours.
    F -320
  11. the most common causes of food recalls is microbial contamination
    F - food allergens
  12. Listeria, Shigella, Salmonella and E.coli are not spre producing bacteria
  13. Salmonella is more genetically related to Bacillus cereus than to shigella
    F - salmonella to shigella
  14. Staphylococcus aureus toxin is not inactivated by cooking food
  15. Machinery lubricant that contaminates food is a physicaly hazard
    F - chemical
  16. scrombrotoxin is a naturally occuring chemical
    T- produced by microorganisms
  17. Food service establisments are regulated by th OR dept. Ag food safety division
    F - OR Dept. Ag regualate Food process
  18. Beef is the most common food sources for Campylobacter
  19. food borne viruses are paraties
  20. the danger zone for holding cooked food lies between 41 and 140 degrees F
  21. which major group of microorganisms prose the greats food safety threat?
  22. what novel in 1906 was instrumental to the formation of the FDA?
    The Jungle
  23. Bacillus cereus, Clostridum botulinum, and staphylococcus aureus all cause illness when the toxin they produce in food is consumed
  24. waht are 5 of the 6 perameters that influence microbial gorwth
    • 1. acid level > 4.6
    • 2. water activity > 0.85
    • 3. temerature in danger zone (41-140)
    • 4. availability of food
    • 5. oxygen level
  25. list three characteristics of potentially hazardous foods
    • 1. high moisture
    • 2. high pro/ carb
    • 3. low acidity
  26. list three primary ways by which food can become dangerous to eat because of microbial contamination
    • 1. peronal hygiene
    • 2. improperly processed
    • 3. cross contamination
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