Stats Test 2

  1. Sample Space and Sample Point..
    S= {Heads, tails} <-- sample point
  2. Relative Frequency..
    Past Data

    Frequency/Total sample size
  3. Classical..
    Assumed equal likely outcome

    Rolling Die

    1/n ..n=#of outcomes
  4. Subjective..
    Based on opinion
  5. Complement of an Event
    The Complement of event A is defined to be the event consisting of all points that are not in A
  6. Union of Two Events
    The union of events A and B is the event containing all sample points that are in A or B or both

    Usually a high probability
  7. Intersection of Two Events
    The intersection of events A and B is the set of all sample points that in both A AND B
  8. Addition Law
    P(A U B) = P(A) + P(B) - P(A n B)
  9. Collectively Exhaustive
    P(A) + P(B) = 1
  10. A random variable-
    a NUMERICAL description of the outcome of an experiment

    Discrete- how many

    Continuous- how much
  11. Catergorical data is always..?
  12. Quantitative data can be..?
    Discrete or Continuous
  13. Discrete Probability Distrubitions use..
    Bar Charts

  14. Expected value is also the..
  15. Success and Failure..
    p= Success

    1-p= failure
  16. Success is..
    Success is what the question is asking for
  17. Poisson Probability Distribution
    Specified interval of time or space

    Will say pertime or space

    Make sure the units MATCH
  18. A large Standard Deviation will cause..
    to become larger and flatter
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