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    • The transmission is completely controlled by what
    • Hydraulically
  1. both forward and reverse clutches are operator by what
    Main oil pressure oil supply
  2. What is the bearings, clutches and gears are lubricated and cooled with what presser.
    Low pressure oil
  3. The forward input clutch and driving transfer gear always rotate how.
    Rotate in engine direction
  4. The reverse clutch shaft and driven transfer gear always rotate how
    Anti engine direction
  5. what type of oil do you use in the Mg-514c
    Multi viscosity oils
  6. with a new transmission you need to change the filter elements within what time frame
    50 service hours
  7. how often do you check the oil level and and when do you change oil and filters
    • Every 10 hr.
    • Six months or 1000hr.
  8. filling the sump requires how many gallons in a deep case? And how many gallons are are required for a shallow case?
    • 9.0 gal
    • 6.0gal
  9. Dealing with the forward clutch how many driving plates are there and how many driven plates are there
    • 8 driving
    • 7 driven
  10. What is line pressure controlled by
    A piston in the oil return pipe assembly
  11. What is the lube oil distributed through
    Fixed controlled orifices
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