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    • Rotation is determined either left handed or right hand viewed from what direction of the engine
    • Front
  1. Cylinder banks designation is determined either the left bank or the right bank viewed from which direction of the engine
    Rear of the engine
  2. Where is the governor mounted and how is it driven
    Mounted on the front end of the forward blower

    Driven by a blower rotor shift
  3. What type of fuel pump is on a Detroit diesel 12-v71
    Positive displacement gear type pump
  4. Where is the fuel pump mounted
    To the governor housing and driven off the end of the right hand blower rotor
  5. Which way does the fuel pump always rotate
    Left handed rotation
  6. The fuel pump is incorporated with a valve. Tell me what type and is it normally open or closed.
    • Spring loaded relief valve
    • Normally closed
  7. On the fuel pump the relief valve will open at what psi and where does the fuel go when open.
    • 65-75psi
    • Fuel will bypass from the outlet side to the inlet side.
  8. When installing flared end fuel pipes what type of torque do you use
    Inch pound torque
  9. What type of fresh water pump does the 12v-71 use
    Centrifugal type pump
  10. Where is the water pump located
    Mounted on the front cover of the engine
  11. What is the fresh water pump driven by
    By the camshaft
  12. What regulate the flow of coolant with in the cooking system
  13. Where is the starting motor located and what does it use
    • Mounted on the flywheel house
    • Used hydraulic fluid
  14. Where does the oil flow starting from the oil pan.
    Oil pan,intake screen,pipe into the oil pump where its pressurized,then to the oil filters, threw oil cooler ,into the oil galleries in the cylinder block
  15. Where is the oil pump pressure relief valve located and what psi is it set at.
    Between the oil pump outlet and the cylinder block vertical gallery.

  16. Where does the oil pump pressure relief valve release the oil to
    Oil pan
  17. What stabilizes lubricating oil pressure in the engine at all speeds regardless of the oil temperature
    Regulator valve
  18. Where is the regulator valve located and what psi does it open
    Beneath cylinder block, lower end of the vertical oil gallery opposite side of oil cooler

  19. Where is the oil pump located
    Mounted on the first and second main bearing cap inside oil pan
  20. What type of oil pump is on the 12-v71
    Positive displacement gear type
  21. What drives the oil pump
    Front end of the crankshaft
  22. Before attempting to change the block bores what must be done
    Hone them
  23. When performing hone what percent must be cleaned
  24. When performing a block to bore clearance how many locations, how many measurements per location at what degree apart from each other
    • 6 different location
    • 4 measurements per location
    • 90 degree apart
  25. If metal particles are on the cylinder how can they be removed
    Coarse flat stone
  26. Why must cylinder liners be honed
    • To break the glaze
    • Remove ridges
  27. Loose or improperly seated injector tubes may result in what
    • Compression leaks into cooking system
    • Result in loss of engine coolant
  28. Exhaust Valve, valve bridge and cam followers are lubricated how
    From overflow oil from the rocker arms
  29. When Removing the rocker arm shaft what do you not do and why
    • Force the rocker arms all the way back with the shaft in place
    • May impose load that will bend push rods
  30. A damaged rocker arm can cause what
    Side load and weaken push rod
  31. Cylinder head can be inspected by one of the following methods what are they
    • Magnetic particle method
    • Fluorescent penetrant method
    • Non fluorescent penetrant method
    • Pressure test method
  32. Before can followers are installed what do you do
    Immerse them in clean cindol 1705 heated to 100-125 for at least 1hr
  33. Can you clean the push rods, springs and spring seats in clean fuel oil
    Yes the dry with compressed air
  34. How should the cam followers be cleaned and how should they not be cleaned
    • Lubricating oil or cindol 1705
    • Not with fuel oil
  35. Water and oil passages between the cylinder head and cylinder block are sealed how.
    Synthetic rubber deal rings
  36. Where is the camshaft located
    In the top of the cylinders
  37. What is the camshaft driven by
    Off the gear train in the flywheel housing
  38. All of the main bearing and connecting rod bearing load is carried where
    On the lower bearing
  39. All crankshaft main bearing journals are drilled for an oil passage except
    Rear journal
  40. Can a cross head piston and a trunk piston be used together why or why not
    • No
    • because of weight difference
  41. The crosshead piston has how many pieces to it and what are they called
    • 2
    • Crown and the skirt
  42. The crosshead piston consist of how many different types of rings, what are they and how many of each one
    • 1 fire ring
    • 2 compression rings
    • 2 oil control rings
  43. On the crosshead piston what is the too firing ring known as
    Keystone ring
  44. Can you wire brush the piston skirt
  45. If compression rings are worn or stick what kind of effects will it have on the engine
    • Engine hard to start
    • Runs rough
    • Lacks power
  46. Before installing the piston rings what must you do
    Lubricate piston rings and piston with stp/engine oil mix
  47. Heat sensitive fuse plugs are installed in the exhaust manifold side of the v-71 cylinder heads the plug will melt at what degree
  48. After the cylinder head has been disassembled and all of the plugs have been removed how do you clean it
    Thoroughly steam clean
  49. if a cylinder head is to be refaced do not remove more metal from the fire deck of any cylinder head below the mininum distance of what.
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