PSYCH 100 Final

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  1. Freud's Personality Theory
    psychoanalytic theory: theorized that people are driven by unseen forces, personality is determined by early childhood experiences, unconscious motives and conflicts, and the way people cope with sexual and aggressive urges (learned from parents)
  2. Freud's Structures of personality
    id: instincts to fulfill biological needs, superego: moral component, consists of social, parental values of right and wrong, tries to have ego act morally vs. rationally, ego: decision making component, mediates between one’s biological urges and the social world
  3. Concept of fixation
    fixation: can occur at a stage due to excessive gratification (overindulgence) and excessive frustration (needs not met)
  4. Carl Jung's Analytical Psychology
    overemphasis on sexuality as primary motive, focus on the ego not the id, one’s unconsciousness is an influence on personality, two levels of unconsciousness-personal unconsciousness (material outside of one’s awareness due to your repression, collective unconsciousness (memory inherited from your ancestors)
  5. Alfred Adler's Individual Psychology
    saw motivation (desire to strive for superiority) not based on physical gratification; said motivation was universal drive to improve oneself and master life’s challenges; driven to overcome feelings of inferiority through compensation (efforts to overcome real or imagined inferiority by developing one’s ability) and inferiority complex (developed if inferiority feelings become excessive [parental influence])
  6. Carl Roger's Person-Centered Theory
    said there was one personality structure: selfà self-concept theory: collections of beliefs about one’s own nature, qualities, and typical behaviors; concept may not be entirely consistent with your experiences; we tend to distort experiences to promote a favorable self-concept (incongruence)àconditional (based on performance) and unconditional (unconditional love)
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