Latin IV grammer

  1. aposiopesis
    so pissed you can't speak
  2. litotes
    double negative or understatement
  3. personification
    giving an object human qualities
  4. apposition
    describing a noun phrase with a noun phrase
  5. anachronism
    out of time sequence
  6. polysyndeton
    conjunction and and and
  7. syncope
    shortening of words
  8. anaphora
    repeatiton of first word/phrase
  9. zeugma
    I took a bath and an F
  10. Anchises
    father of Aeneas and mortal lover of Venus
  11. Ascanius
    son of Venus and Creusa
  12. Sinon
    lying Greek who conviced trojians to bring horse into city
  13. laocoon
    priest of neptune who warned not to bring the horse in
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