1. What are the systems of the Autonomic Nervous System?
    • Sympathetic (SNS)
    • Parasympathetic (PNS)
  2. What are the functions of the Parasympathetic Nervous System?
    • Slow heart rate
    • increase gastric secretio
    • nempty bladder
    • empty bowel
    • Focus eye
    • constrict pupil
    • contract bronchial smooth muscle.
  3. Function of NicotinicN receptors when activated
    • Release of ACh and NE from postganglionic nerves to various organs.
    • Release of Epi from Adrenal Medulla.
  4. Function of NicotinicM receptors when activated
    Skeletal muscle contraction
  5. Function of Muscarinic Receptors when activated
    • Eyes: Pupilary contraction (miosis)
    • Heart: Decrease HR
    • Lung: Bronchial dilation, increase secretions
    • Bladder: Contraction of SM on bladder wall and relaxation of sphincter ---> elimination
    • GI: Increased salavation and gastric secretions
    • Increased intestinal motility/tone ---> defecation
    • Sweat Glands: Increased sweating
    • Blood Vessels: Vasodilation
  6. Function of Alpha1 Receptors when activated
    • Eyes: contraction of radial muscle in pupil ---> pupilary dilation (mydriasis)
    • Blood Vessels: Vasoconstriction
    • Male Sex apparatus: ejaculation
    • Urinary Bladder: contraction of sphincter ---> decreased elimination.
  7. Function of Alpha2 Receptors when activated
    • Nerve terminal feed back loops regulate the release of neurotransmitters like NE.
    • Various CNS functions.
  8. Function of Beta1 Receptors when activated
    • Heart: Increased HR and force of contraction
    • Kidney: Release of renin ---> release of angiotensin ---> vasoconstriction ---> increased BP
  9. Function of Beta2 Receptors when activated
    • Lungs: Bronchial dilation
    • Uterus: Relaxation of smooth muscle
    • Arterioles of Heart, Lung, and Skeletal Muscle: Vasodilation
    • Liver: Glycogenolysis ---> increased blood glucose
    • Skeletal Muscles: Glycogenolysis ---> increased blood glucose
    • Enhanced contraction
  10. Function of Dopamine receptors when activated
    • Kidney: dilates renal blood vessels ---> increased kidney function.
    • CNS: various functions
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