Vocab Final

  1. admonish
    warn, reprove, advise
  2. implore
    beg, plead, entreat
  3. jargon
    lingo, technical language
  4. rapture
    ecstasy, thrills, keen delight
  5. zephyr
    gentle breeze
  6. discern
    see clearly, perceive
  7. brevity
    shortness, conciseness
  8. epoch
    distinctive age or outstanding period of time
  9. brusque
    abrupt, blunt, curt
  10. furtive
    sly, stealthy
  11. macabre
    grim, gruesome, death-haunted
  12. nebulous
    vague, hazy, indefinite
  13. plaintive
    sad, mournful
  14. wanton
    senseless, malicious, reckless
  15. abate
    lessen, decrease
  16. pervade
    spread through, permeate
  17. reproach
    blame, upbraid
  18. aperture
    small opening
  19. epithet
    descriptive title
  20. harbinger
    forerunner, herald
  21. pestilence
    widespread disease
  22. chastise
  23. extricate
  24. avarice
    greed for money, cupidity
  25. conjecture
    guess or inference
  26. languid
    drooping, listless
  27. oblique
    slanting, indirect
  28. vagrant
    roaming, wandering, wayward
  29. inane
    senseless, empty
  30. inert
    inactive, lifeless
  31. indignation
    justifiable anger
  32. insolence
    insulting behavior, impudence
  33. obeisance
    bow or curtsy, respect
  34. repose
    rest, quiet
  35. retinue
    group of attendants
  36. succor
    aid, help
  37. impute
    attribute or ascribe
  38. requite
    repay, reward
  39. servile
    yielding, submissive, befitting low position
  40. sundry
    various, assorted, diverse
  41. acquiesce
    consent, agree passively
  42. livid
    pale, lead-colored, grayish blue
  43. impale
    pierce, thrust through
  44. promulgate
    make known, spread widely
  45. despot
    ruler with absolute power, tyrant
  46. effigy
    image, likeness
  47. opulence
    wealth, abundance
  48. prosaic
    dull, monotonous, uninteresting
  49. punitive
    intended to punish, bringing punishment
  50. transient
    fleeting, short-lived
  51. capricious
    subject to whims, changeable
  52. diffident
    shy, timid, unassertive
  53. inexorable
    unyielding, unrelenting
  54. lugubrious
    mournful, doleful, dismal
  55. munificent
    very generous, lavish
  56. precipitous
    very steep
  57. precocious
    ahead in development
  58. bequeath
    give or bestow in one's will
  59. alibi
    claim of being elsewhere during a crime
  60. debenture
    interest bearing bond, voucher of indebtedness
  61. dirge
    funeral hymn, song or poem of grief
  62. deprecate
    disapprove, protest against
  63. elicit
  64. apparition
    specter or phantom, sudden appearing
  65. clairvoyant
    one who has unusual of preternatural insight
  66. prevaricate
    evade the truth, lie or quibble
  67. vacillate
    waver or be changeable
  68. venerate
    regard with deep respect, revere
  69. vitiate
    contaminate, debase or render worthless
  70. pallid
    pale, wan
  71. provident
    exercising foresight, thrifty
  72. ardent
    fervent or zealous, burning
  73. benign
    kindly, gentle and mild
  74. incipient
    commencing, in the beginning
  75. subterfuge
    trick, scheme or artifice
  76. temerity
    rashness, reckless boldness
  77. veracity
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