Art 1010

  1. what is relief printmaking- woodcut?
    print blocks made by carving directly into the surface of a smooth pice of wood and removing any parts that are not meant to be part of the image.
  2. what is engraving?
    the oldest form of intaglio printmaking. created by using sharp tools to make a mark on metal surfaces
  3. what is etching?
    uses acids to cut the metal plate
  4. what is aquatint?
    tonal areas made by applying powder resin to the plate and then heating it.
  5. what is lithography?
    images are drawn or painted directly in grease on a flat stone or plate
  6. what is silkscreen?
    a stencil is attached to a silk that has been tightly stretched over a wooden frame, then a piece of paper is placed underneath the screen, ink is spread acrossthe screen with a rubber blade or squeegee.
  7. what is intaglio?
    a form of printmaking.
  8. what is relief sculpting?
    something that grows out a 2D background into a 3D space.
  9. what is freestanding sculpting?
    inhabits 3D space in the same way living things do
  10. what is kinetic sculpting?
    non-representational organic metal forms that float in space
  11. what is performance sculpting?
    creates living events that were intended to only last i memory
  12. what is installation/environment sculpting?
    sculpting that takes place in galleries, museums, or public spaces that take up a lot of space and provides a complete and artistic experience.
  13. what is additive sculpting?
    the sculpture is built up of flexible material like clay or plaster
  14. what is substractive sculpting?
    when a sculpture is carved out of hard materials like marble or stone
  15. what is modeling sculpting?
    creating a small thing in which the artist intends to replicate into a larger form
  16. what is casting sculpting?
    when a clay or plaster original is created then a mold of two parts is created. you cut away the wax figure inside then pour molten metal inside of the cast, you take it out of the cast. and tada
  17. what is constructing sculpting?
    when you use things like welding, and random objects to create a work of art
  18. what is mixed media?
    art that combines more than one media
  19. what is earthworks?
    an outgrowth expansion of art that provides an environment but also leaves the gallery and connects with the environment
  20. who is alexander calder
    the guy that came up with kinetic sculpture, or mobiles
  21. what is camera obscura?
    it litterally means dark room. the image is takien in then reflected and projected upside down.
  22. what is daguerreotype?
    the first permanent photographic image
  23. what are the basic parts of a camera?
    box, lens, shutter, aperture/diaphragm, viewfinder
  24. what is landscape photography?
    distant lands captured on film, used to make the distant lands known to the public
  25. what is documentary photography?
    photographs that record authentic, unretouched photographs that record important social conditions and politcal events
  26. what is fine art photography?
    basically it is taking what really occured, and altering it making it appear non realistic
  27. what is photomontage?
    the imaginative combonation of photographic images using scissors and glue
  28. what is computer generated photography?
    photomontage done by a computer using numbers and scanners.
  29. what is clay?
    type of earth that has the property of becoming moldable
  30. what is kiln?
    a heated, closed oven
  31. what is glaze?
    somewhat like a paint but would disintigrate in the hot temperatures of the kiln. it melts and fuzes with the clay
  32. what is pinching in pottery?
    easiest way to make pottery, you simply pinch and shape the clay into the desired shape
  33. what is flatten/slabs in pottery?
    you flatten the clay like cookie dough and cut slabs that can be pressed together to create box like shapes
  34. what is coiling in pottery?
    coiling long ropes of clay and forming them into that desired shape then smoothing the sides with your hand.
  35. what is throwing (potter's wheel) in pottery?
    as the potter's wheel turns, a lump of clay is lifted and shaped by the hand into a vessel
  36. what is glassblowing?
    when glass is heated to a molten state and using other materials to shape it
  37. what is gothic stained glass?
    stained glass that was found in the gothic period of time
  38. what is graphic design?
    several types of design, often known as commercial design, found in magazines newspapers, etc.
  39. what is industrial design?
    making things easy to function, easy to understand, and attractive
  40. what is interior design?
    inegral desing of architecture. not just decorating the inside of a house
  41. waht is landscape design?
    the alteration of the earth for pleasure
  42. what is urban planning design?
    when we plan a city and what it will be like
  43. what is counter reformation?
    the roman catholic church's attempt to combat the protestant reformation. the church supported art that would entertain and rouse the faitful
  44. what is the council of Trent?
    a meeting that pope paul III made to recomend changes in the church
  45. what is tenebrism?
    dark manner
  46. what is painterly?
    an approach to painting
  47. what is the age of reason?
    a smart move that began in england and spread to France and throughout Europe. great scientists and mathematicians stressed rationality over faith
  48. what is neoclassical?
    a reaction to rococo art and visual expression of the ideas of the 18th century. characteristics include line, color, and form in clarity.
  49. what is romanticism?
    the reaction to neoclssicism, by rejecting logic and order and looking for inner truth of intuition and passions
  50. what is salon des refuses?
    an art exhibit that was alternative to the Salon exhibit
  51. what is realism?
    a movement that rejected the historical and mythological subjects of academic neoclasssicism
  52. what is impresionism?
    conveys an immediate impression of a place and time of day
  53. what is post-impressionism?
    seperate expressions of dissatisfaction whit impressionism
  54. what is pointillism?
    type of art where you place small spots of pure color side by side the allows the viewers eye mysteriously mix the two colors
  55. what is expressionism?
    a recreation of feeling
  56. what is fauves?
    wild beasts in france that ignored perspective and used bright colors oa a source of pleasure
  57. what is cubism?
    an alternative to linear perspective
  58. what is futurism?
    a complete rejection of past art
  59. what is dada?
    meaningless term for international an art movement during world war I
  60. what is surrealism?
    art that depicts dreams and visions of teh irrational unconcious
  61. what is de stijl?
    an architectural art created by the dutch
  62. what is abstract expressionism?
    american art in the 50's that combined expressionisms's psychological content and teh gestural application of paint
  63. what is action painting?
    the energetic brushwork of abstract expressionism
  64. what is pop art?
    an american and english art movement of the 60's that celebrated celebreties and comodities of the time
  65. what is superealism?
    art that recreates photographs
  66. what is earth art?
    large scale environmental sculpture outside of a gallery or museum that interacts directly with nature
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