U.S. History I Final

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  1. Who invented the cottin jin? And what is a cottin jin?
    Eli Whitney, and a cottin jin is a machine that separated the fibers rapidly and completely and thus made the short staple cotton plant a practical alternative for most southern planters.
  2. What is the industrial revolution?
    It is the transition from handmade goods to ones made in factories by machines. This transition resulted in a dramatic change in the way people worked, lived and made use of their resources.
  3. What is the temperance movement?
    The temperance movement was the most popular reform during that time period. It was to reduce or even eliminate people's consumption of alcohol.
  4. Who was Harriet Tubman?
    She was the individual most closely associated with the Underground Railroad.
  5. Who founded the Mormon religion? And who took his place when he was killed and took the Mormons to Salt Lake City?
    Joseph Smith, and Brigham Young took his place.
  6. Who was Elizabeth C. Stanton?
    In 1848, she organized the Seneca Fallss Convention. Which drafted and ratified a Declaration or Women's Rights, formally kicking off what is referred to as the Women's Rights Movement.
  7. Who was the leader of the school reform movement?
    Horace Man
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