5th grade science taks review

  1. 1. Mass is

    2. How is mass measured
    1.Mass is the amount of Matter in an object.

    2. measured in grams
  2. 1. Weight is ?

    2. Weight is measured in ?
    1. Amount of gravity pulling down.

    2. measured in pounds using scale.
  3. 1. What is physical change?

    2. Example
    1. changes the appearance but does not create a new substance.

    2 Mixing Kool-Aid
  4. 1. Freezing point of water in Celsius.

    2. Boiling point of water in Celsius.
    1. 0

    2. 100
  5. Name 5 physical changes
    Melting, Evaporating, Condensing, Freezing, Subliming
  6. 1. Electrical Energy

    2. Two types of electrical energy
    1. Created when electrons move.

    2. Static electricity and curtent electricity
  7. cirucits
    wires are connected to both - and +
  8. Generator
  9. conductors
    metal and water
  10. insulators
    rubber, plastic, cloth, and wood
  11. sound energy
    energy caused by vibrations
  12. 1. light energy

    2. what can light do?
    1. energy created in electomagnetic straight waves.

    2. Refract, reflect or transmit
  13. 1. Refraction

    2. reflection

    3. transmit
    1. Refraction- light bends, it causes rainbows, makes thing appear larger of smaller (eye glasses)

    2. reflection- light bounces off a surface, Like a mirror

    3. transmit- light goes through. like a window
  14. solar energy
    energy created by the sun.

    solar energy drives all syscles including water, nitrogen, carbon-oxygen, food chain
  15. weathering
    breaking down substance
  16. erosion
    Moving sediment to new location
  17. deposition
    dropping off sediment in a new location
  18. nonrenewable resources
    takes longer than an average persons lifetime

    ex. petroleum, natural gas, oil, soil, minerals, rocks
  19. renewable resources
    replace in an average persons lifetime

    ex. plants, animals, soil, freshwater
  20. reusable resources
    can be use over and over

    ex. saltwater, air, and sun
  21. mountains and volcanoew are created when
    plates move upward in earths crust.

    volcanoes can also be created by hot spots
  22. glaciers often create what
    valleys near oceans
  23. sun is a
    star that creates heat and light by fusion
  24. earth revolves around the sun in
    365.25 day or one year
  25. earth rotates on
    axis in 24 hours or one day
  26. the seasons of earth are caused by
    earth tilt as it revolves around the sun
  27. moon
    rotates and revolves in alomst a month, since it does this at the same time we only see one side of the moon
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5th grade science taks review
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