Intro to Medical Science

  1. The etiology of Diverticulosis is...
    a. lack of fiber
    b. to much fiber
    a. lack of fiber
  2. Diverticulosis is a small herniations of the mucosa through the colon wall (usually the sigmoid colon wall).
  3. SAD means....
    Social Anxiety Disorder
  4. Parafem is the drug taken to help treat SAD- Social Anxiety Disorder?
    False- it is Sarafem
  5. After a meal and blood glucose levels are elevated the insulin secretion is decreased?
    False- it is increased
  6. Islets of langerhans in the pancreas produces insulin and helps with T- cells?
    False- it helps with Beta Cells
  7. Pancreas secretes and only helps with glucagon?
    False- it helps with insulin and glucagon
  8. Insulin does not help regulate the blood nutrients levels in glucose?
    False- it does help regulate
  9. Glucagon causes rapid increase in the breakdown of glycogen to glucose and helps release glucose into the blood?
  10. Name at least 2 signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia....
    confusion, cold, clammy skin, hunger and weakness
  11. Name at least 2 signs and symptoms of hyperglycemia....
    increased thirst, increased urination and having a fruity or acetone smellling breath
  12. Type I diabetes is controled with only pills?
    False- insulin
  13. Type II diabetes is controled with insulin?
    False- it is controled with pills and insulin
  14. What is the purpose of someone taking insulin?
    it is to help lower the level of your blood glucose
  15. The pituitary gland helps produce the antidiurectic hormone?
    False- it is the posterior pituitary- it will help produce ADH
  16. The pituitary gland is considered the master gland?
  17. Name the 2 hormones produced by the master gland?
    ADH and oxytocin
  18. Hyperthyroidism is cretinism?
    False- it is hypothyroidism
  19. Parathormone helps stop calcium levels in the blood?
    False- it helps regulate the calcium levels in the blood
  20. Parathormone is not produced by the parathyriod gland?
    False- it is produced
  21. The thyroid gland helps to block production of thyroxine?
    False- it helps produce thyroxine
  22. The thyroid gland helps regulate the body's metabolism by regulating the speed at which the body burns nutrients for heat and energy.
    False- it is the thyroxine that helps regulate the body's metabolism by regulating the speed at which the body burns nutrients for heat and energy
  23. Gluten is found in white, rye and parsley?
    False- it is found in wheat, rye and barley
  24. A significance amount of coffee ground colored blood found in the stool means....
    internal bleeding in your GI tract
  25. A significance amount of blood found in your stool means....
  26. The etiology of diverticulitis is to much fiber?
    False- it is a lack of fiber
  27. Twice as many males than females get celiac disease?
    False- it is twice as many females than males
  28. Celiac disease is good nutritional absorption due to gluten free tolerance?
    False- it means poor nutritional absorption due to gluten intolerance
  29. Celiac disease is diagnosed by a biopsy of the large intestines which reveals flattening and atrophy of intestinal villi?
    False- it is the small intestines that helps reveal flattening and atrophy of intestinal villi
  30. Hematemesis is vomiting of blood?
  31. Volvulus is twisting of blood vessels?
    False- it is the twisting of intestines
  32. Intussusception is a scoping of the colon or telescoping of the intestines?
    it is a telescoping of the intestines
  33. Dyspepsia means indigesting or dehyration?
  34. Gastritis is inflammation of the intestines or stomach?
    inflammation of the stomach
  35. Paralytic ileus is a loss of intestinal peristalsis or loss of the intestinal tract?
    loss of intestinal peristalsis
  36. Peritonitis is inflammation of the lining of the stomach or inflammation of the lining of the abdominal cavity?
    inflammation of the lining of the abdominal cavity
  37. Gastroenteristis is the inflammation of the stomach or inflammation of the intestines?
    both- it is an inflammation of the stomach and intestines
  38. A Hiatal hernia is a normal part of the superior part of the stomach herniates via the cardiac sphincter into the esophagus?
    False- it is an structural abnormality
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