1. Define Spinning
    • A spin is a condition of stalled flight in which a fixed wing aircraft rotates about its own axis and descends in a helical flight path as a result of auto rotation
    • Spin direction is determined by the direction of yaw.
  2. What are the requirements for autorotation?
    • Mean angle of attack is at or near the stall
    • Roll ie. Wing drop or yaw in a deliberate spin entry
  3. In an autorotation describe what happens to CL and CD
    • Roll increases AOA and Drag in the down going wing so puts wings at different points on a CL and CD curve
    • The upgoing wing has higher CL and lower CD so aircraft will roll in direction of downgoing wing and yaw towards down going wing
  4. What are the characteristics of a stable spin
    • Rates of pitch roll and yaw are stable
    • Aircraft presents its upper surface to the spin axis
  5. Characteristics of an Oscillatory Spin
    • Rates of roll, pitch and yaw are unstable
    • Changes are erattic
  6. What are the charcteristics of a Spiral Dive
    • Wings have not stalled
    • Increasing IAS and G
  7. In a flat spin, what happens to ROD, Radius, Speed of rotation
    • ROD less as form drag is higher
    • Radius is smaller
    • Rotation higher
  8. If the B/A ratio is less than 1.3, what are an aircrafts spin tendencies
    • Aircraft will tend to enter a spin more readily
    • Aircraft is more reluctant to recover
  9. If the B/A ratio of an aircraft is greater than 1.3, what are its spin tendencies
    • Aircraft will be reluctant to spin
    • Aircraft will tend to recover more easily but incorrect use of controls may delay or even prevent recovery if B/A is high
  10. What affects an aircrafts B/A ratio
    fuel and cargo loads
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