Unit 1 exam ASA

  1. 8227. Wing dihedral, a rigging consideration on most airplanes of conventional design, contributes most to stability of the airplane about its
    longitudinal axis
  2. 8228. Other than the manufacture maintenance manual what other document could be used to determine the primary flight control surface deflection for an imported aircraft that is reassembled after shipment?
    Aircraft type certificate data sheet
  3. 8229. If a pilot reports that an airplane flies left wing heavy, this condition may be corrected by
    increasing the angle of incidence of the left wing, or decreasing the angle of incidence of the right wing, or both
  4. 8230. If the vertical fin of a single-engine, propeller-driven airplane is rigged properly, it will generally be parallel to
    the vertical axis but not the longitudinal axis
  5. 8231. An airplane which has good longitudinal stability should have a minimum tendency to
  6. 8232. As the angle of attack of an airfoil increases, the center of pressure will
    move toward the leading edge
  7. 8233. The angle of incidence is that acute angle formed by
    a line parallel to the wing chord and a line parallel to the longitudinal axis of the aircraft
  8. 8234. An airplane's center of lift is usually aft of its center of gravity
    so that the airplane will have a nose-heavy tendency
  9. 8235. An airplane is controlled directionally about its vertical axis by the
  10. 8236. The elevators of a conventional airplane are used to provide rotation about the
    lateral axis
  11. 8237. Washing-in the left wing of a monplane, for purposes of rigging corrections after flight test, will have what effect on the lift and drag of that wing?
    Both drag and lift will increase due to increased angle of attack
  12. 8238. What type of flap system increases the wing area and changes the wing camber?
    Fowler flaps
  13. 8239. If the right wing of a monoplane is improperly rigged to a greater angle of incidence than designated in the manufacture's specifications, it will cause the
    airplane to be off balance both laterally and directionally
  14. 8240. The chord of a wing is measured from
    leading edge to trailing edge
  15. 8241. When the lift of an airfoil increases, the drag will
    also increase
  16. 8242. What physical factors are involved in the aspect ratio of airplanes wings?
    Span and chord
  17. 8243. Improper rigging of the elevator trim tab system will affect the balance of the aiplane about its
    lateral axis
  18. 8244. An airplane that has a tendency to gradually increase a piching moment that has been set into motion has
    poor longitudinal stability
  19. 8245. The purpose of wing slats is to
    reduce stalling speed
  20. 8246. The angle of incidence of an aiplane at rest
    does not change when in flight
  21. 8247. Buffeting is the intermittent application of forces to a part of an airplane. It is caused by
    an unsteady flow from turbulence
  22. 8248. Movement of an airplane along its lateral axis (roll) is also movement
    around or about the longitudinal axis controlled by the ailerons
  23. 8249. The primary purpose of stall strips is to
    stall the inboard portion of the wings first
  24. 8250. Rigging and alignment checks should not be undertaken in the open; however, if this cannot be avoided, the aircraft should be positioned
    with the nose into the wind
  25. 8251. the correct dihedral angle can be determinded by
    using a dihedral board and bubble level along the front spar of each wing
  26. 8252. The dihedral angle of a wing may be measured by placing a straightedge and level protractor on the
    front spar
  27. 8253. Where would you find precise information to perform a symmetry ailgnment check for a particular aircraft
    Aircraft sevice or maintenance manual
  28. 8254. Where is the buttock line or buttline of an aircraft?
    A width measurment left or right of, and parallel to, the vertical center line
  29. 8255. Where is fuelage station No. 137 located?
    137 inches aft of the zero or fixed reference line
  30. 8256. Proper wing twist in a sheet metal consturcted wing can usually be checked by utilizing a
    bubble level and special fixtures described by the manufacturer
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