Class Notes June 2012

  1. 푸짐하다
    (be) abundant; plentiful; profuse;generous
  2. 어항
    fish tank
  3. 빠뜨리다
    let (something) fall into; drop (something)
  4. 장난꾸러기, 장난꾼
    mischievous child; naughty boy
  5. 작동이 전혀 안돼
    (it) doesn't work at all (作動)
  6. 여러모로, (여러모로 감사합니다)
    • 各方面, in various/many ways
    • (thank you very much for everything)
  7. 표시 하다
    to indicate; show; express; make known. 表示。
  8. 고마움
    gratitude; thankfulness
  9. 은행은 아홉 시에 열린다
    the bank opens at nine o'clock
  10. 주요 사항
    主要事項 main point, an essential particular
  11. 급한 일/급학게
    urgent business/urgently 急
  12. 추리 소설
    推理小說, a mystery novel
  13. 없어졌습니다
    gone; missing; lost
  14. 막사
    a barracks; a camp 幕舍
  15. 국제 분쟁을 외교로 해결하다
    settle an international dispute by diplomacy 紛爭 解決
  16. 그 사고 소식을 들었을 때 우리는 그의 안부가 궁금했다
    we were concerned for his safety 安否 when we heard of the accident
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Class Notes June 2012
Class Notes June 2012