Important Events, Documents, Treaties, etc. II

  1. Treaty of Paris
    Officially ended the American revolution. U.S. recognized as a nation.
  2. Land Ordinance of 1785
    Set up a system for settling in the Northwest Territory.
  3. Shays' Rebellion
    Demonstrated the need for a stronger gov't; showed weakness of the Articles of Confederation and need for a stronger federal gov't.
  4. Constitutional Convention
    Meeting to revise the Articles of Confederation resulting in new form of gov't(constitutional); Great Compromise
  5. Great Compromise
    Compromise between Virginia Plan (favored large states) & New Jersey Plan (favored small states). Set up a 2-house legislature: Senate -- 2 votes per state/House of Represenatives: Seats awarded based on population.
  6. 3/5 Compromise
    3/5 of slaves in any state counted towards population
  7. Constitution created
    Moderen constitution
  8. Washington elected president
    Farewell address set tone for international politics; isolationism; precedence for transition of pwer.
  9. Industrial Revolution
    Beginning of mass production, interchangeable parts; lower cost of goods; facatory system; urbanization; deplorable work conditions,
  10. Bill of Rights
    1st 10 amendements which guarantee indidvidual rights; gained support for the Constitution to be ratified; rights are not absolute.
  11. Neutrality Proclamation
    Washington declares that the U.S. will not support either side in the war in Europe.
  12. Treay of Greenville
    Several Native American tribes give up land for money.
  13. Alien Act
    Allowed president to expell any foreigner who he thought was dangerous to the country.
  14. Sedition Act
    Citizens could be fined or jailed for criticizing the gov't/elected officials.
  15. Marbury vs. Madison
    Supreme Court can decide if a law violated the Constitution; judicial review.
  16. Louisiana Territory purchased
    Thomas Jefferson buys Louisiana from France for $15 million; doubled the size of the U.S.
  17. Embargo Act
    Forbade Americans to export or import any goods at all.
  18. Nonintercourse Act
    Replaced the Embargo Act; AMericans could now trade with all nations except Britain and France.
  19. War of 1812
    War with England over impressment of sailors; Farncis Scott Key wrote Star Spangled Banner; Andrew Jackson gains fame at Battle of New Orleans.
  20. Treaty of Ghent
    Ended War of 1812.
  21. Monroe Doctrine
    Europe would not interfere in the affairs of the Western Hemisphere.
  22. Indian Removal Act
    Native Americans forced to move west of the Mississippi River.
  23. Trail of Tears
    Native Americans forced west by Andrew Jackson; went to Oklahoma.
  24. Texas
    Annexation/statehood in 1845; Pres. Polk in office
  25. Mexican War/Mexican Cession
    Mexico sold all of California and New Mexico to the U.S. Included present day California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. Territories gained; states of California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, & Colorado (Pres. Polk).
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