S.S. SP Ch. 20-21 Test Review

  1. What was a push factor for immigration in Europe?
    political and religious persecution
  2. Who set up the Hull House?
    Jane Addams
  3. Who was a realist painter?
    Winslow Homer
  4. This poet had 100's of her poems published after her death.
    Emily Dickinson
  5. Who was a reporter for the New York World?
    Nelly Bly
  6. Who wrote stories about miners and sailors?
    Jack London
  7. What newspaper technique did newspapers use to attract readers?
    yellow journalism
  8. What did Congress pass to try and keep out Asians?
    Chinese Exclusion Act
  9. What was a variety show called?
  10. Process of entering a new culture.
  11. Which organization offered food and shelter to the poor?
    the Salvation Army
  12. What was the favorite sport of the U.S.?
  13. Where was the first high rise building and why?
    in Chicago because they were rebuilding after the Chicago Fire
  14. What was set up to help the poor in cities?
    a settlement house
  15. What class lived in the center of large cities?
    the poor
  16. Where did people go when they had little money, dreams of entertaining, or were seasonal workers?
    the city
  17. Why did cities grow so fast?
  18. After 1885, where did most immigrants come from?
    Southern and Eastern Europe
  19. What was increasing because the amount of educated Americans were increasing?
  20. Who was Samuel Clemens?
    Mark Twain
  21. What were writers and artists at the time?
  22. Why did education improve after 1870?
    more public schools were built
  23. What did vaudeville and ragtime have in common?
    popular music
  24. What tamed the spoils system?
    the Civil Service Commission
  25. Which woman campaigned for suffrage?
    Carry Chapman Catt
  26. What were reporters called?
  27. Who was involved in the Progressive movement in Wisconsin?
    Robert La Folete
  28. Who created the NAACP?
    W.E.B. Du Bois
  29. Who was the most corrupt person in the city?
    William Tweed
  30. Who wanted to regulate giant companies and was called the trustbuster?
  31. What is it called when voters pass a bill?
  32. What is the pre election choosing of a candidate within a party called?
  33. Who campaigned for the right to vote?
  34. What did Wilson pass to stop unfair trading practices?
    the Federal Trade Commission
  35. What was Northern Securities against?
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S.S. SP Ch. 20-21 Test Review
S.S. SP Ch. 20-21 Test Review