Civics Chapter 1

  1. Written law, often in codes
    Statutory law
  2. A sum of money to ensure a person's appearance at a trial
  3. Judge-made law based on cases that judges have decided over the years
    Common law
  4. Ruler who reformed England's legal system
    King Henry II
  5. Person who developed the idea of the social contract
  6. Ruler who developed one of the earliest written sets of laws
  7. A Latin term meaning what is correct and fair
  8. Roman emperor who established a uniform system of laws
  9. Rules people agree to live by
    General will
  10. Latin for "you have the body", it put forth the idea that a person must be told of the charges against them within a reasonable amount of time after being arrested
    Habeas corpus
  11. The rules of society that regulate the way we behave
  12. One of the earliest collections of written laws
    Hammurabi's Code
  13. The early civilization that gave the Western world many ideas about laws
    Roman Empire
  14. Disputes of a non-criminal nature are often settled with the help of...
    Civil law
  15. Two parties make a business arrangement and sign a written agreement. This is called...
    Contract law (part of civil law)
  16. The idea that laws must be fair comes from the word...
  17. The idea that people agree to behave in a certain way when they decide to live with other people comes from...
    Social contract
  18. An early English document that contributed to the development of the jury trial
    Magna Carta
  19. Limited the power of the monarch and protected certain civil liberties
    English Bill of Rights
  20. Wrongdoing against another person, such as robbery or murder
    Criminal law
  21. Groups of humans coexisting with each other
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