Trouble Core 2

  1. compensatory

    His enthusiasm compensates for his lack of skill.
  2. conciliatory

    it will be hard to conciliate the views of labor and management regarding health benefits
  3. covenant
    agreement, pact

    The restrictive covenants of the building development prohibit the construction of buildings over 30 feet tall.
  4. credence

    I'm afraid I don't put much credence in common gossip.
  5. dearth

    there was a dearth of usable firewood at the soaked campsite
  6. delineate
    draw a line around, describe

    The report clearly delineates the steps that must be taken.
  7. demur
    take exception

    don't hesitate to demur to the idea if you have any qualms
  8. denigrate

    No one is trying to denigrate the importance of a good education. We all know that it is crucial for success.
  9. desultory
    without direction in life

    a desultory search for something of interest on TV
  10. didactic
    instructional; making moral observations

    the poet's works became increasingly didactic after his religious conversion
  11. diffident

    for someone who makes a living performing for other people, the actress is remarkably diffident in real life
  12. dissimenate

    The Internet allows us to disseminate information faster.
  13. dissolution

    the dissolution of the marriage
  14. divest
    strip, deprive, rid, free

    We may have to divest assets to raise capital.
  15. effigy
    likeness, mannequin

    the football coach was burned in effigy
  16. effloresce
    to bloom

    created an artificial environment in which plants grew and effloresced regardless of season
  17. endemic
    peculiar to a particular region

    the fish is not an endemic species of the lake, and it is rapidly devouring the native trout population
  18. enervate
    to weaken

    a lifetime of working in dreary jobs had enervated his very soul
  19. engender

    a suggestion to go out for pizza that didn't seem toengender any interest
  20. evanescent
    fleeting, very brief

    beauty that is as evanescent as a rainbow
  21. exasperate
    irritate, enrage

    The criticism of his latest movie is sure to exasperate his admirers.
  22. extemporize

    a good talk show host has to be able to extemporize the interviews when things don't go as planned
  23. facetious
    joking, sarcastic

    a facetious and tasteless remark about people in famine-stricken countries being spared the problem of overeating
  24. flout
    to show disregard for the law or rules

    an able-bodied motorist openly flouting the law and parking in a space reserved for the disabled
  25. foment

    He was accused of fomenting violence.
  26. fortuitous

    They just called your name for the prize. You could not have arrived at a more fortuitous time.
  27. fulminate
    denounce, menace

    She was fulminating about the dangers of smoking.
  28. gainsay

    repeatedly tried to gainsay me, though every point I made was backed up by facts
  29. glib
    insincere manner

    I expected a glib ladies' man, which he's not. He is an genuine man with deep emotions.
  30. gratuitous
    unwarrented, uncalled for

    they will throw in a gratuitous box of chocolates when you spend $30 or more in their shop
  31. halcyon

    during those early halcyon years the company's potential for growth seemed unlimited
  32. harangue

    He delivered a long harangue about the evils of popular culture.
  33. harry

    harrying the terrified horses down out of the mountains
  34. hegemony
    authority, dominiation

    European intellectuals have long debated the consequences of the hegemony of American popular culture around the world.
  35. histrionic
    overy dramatic

    a penchant for dish throwing, door slamming, and otherhistrionic displays of temper
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