Social Studies chp.1

  1. Geography of the Byzantine and Muslim Empire-what continents and land forms?
    asia and europe; pennisula
  2. Why did the Byzatine capital survive?
  3. Why did the church split in 2? What are the churches?
    worshipping icons; greek orthodox and roman catholic
  4. What is the code of Justinian?
    a code of laws considered to be the most just of laws
  5. Who were the Bedouins and what did they do for a living?
    nomads; animal herders
  6. Who was Muhammad, what was he, and where was he born?
    a carravan; prophet; mecca?
  7. What did muhammad believe and what did the meccans think of muhammad at first?
    only one god; barbaric
  8. Where did muhammad migrate to?
  9. What are the 5 pillars of Islam and which is the most difficult?
    faith prayer share fasting pilgramige; pilgramige
  10. Which 2 religions in the Muslim Empire were tolerated?
    Jeuism and Christianity
  11. Wat restrictions did other religions impose?
    major taxing and no carring weapons
  12. What did these religions have in common?
    one god
  13. Why did the Shiites and Sunnis split?
    couldn't decid who should be the leader
  14. What and when was the golden age of islam?
    when islam reached it's hieght in muslim followers; 800-1100 ad
  15. What was the major resource of the Muslim empire that helped scientists and artists thrivd one?
  16. Who was Harun ar-Rashid?
    he was a patron that helped artists and treated them well
  17. What kind of writing was important to the Muslims?why?
    poetry; the quaran is set in a poetic form
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