ch 21 history

  1. boycott
    started by rosa parks and led by mlk jr
  2. sncc
    student nonviolent coordination commitee
    organized national protest groups to help students
  3. sclc southern christian leadership conference
    purpose was to carry on nonviolent crusades against the evils of second class citizenship
  4. who was sit in started by
  5. plessy v ferguson
    fight for equal seating on railroad accommodations
  6. brown v board of education of topeka
    father charged school for denying entrance of his black daughter to a white elementry school
  7. morgan v virginia
    fight for unsegregated seating on buses ( denied)
  8. thurgood marshall
    dedicated his life to fighting racism and attened many courts
  9. civil rights act of 1875
    outlawed segregation in public facilities
  10. james meredith
    won a federal court case that allowed him to enroll in the all white university of mississippi
  11. robert moses
    "master builder"
  12. freedom riders
    hoped to provoke violence to convince kennedy to enforce law
  13. freedom summer
    hoped their campaign would recive publitcity which would inforce congress to pass voting right
  14. civil rights act of 1964
    prohibited discrimination because of race religion national orgin and gender
  15. voting rights of 1965
    eliminated the so called literacy test that had distinguisged many voters
  16. frannie Lou Hamer
    black daughter of mississippi share croppers televised a speech in which she told how she was jailed and police beat her for registering to vote
  17. selma campaign
    after a man in selma had been killed for trying to voote mlk and sncc set up a protest march where they recieved federal protection by johnsons
  18. malcol X
    originally thought the white race and black race should not intertwine. studied the ways of muhammed and became an islamic leader.
  19. nation of islam
    the black muslims
  20. stokley carmichael
    of sncc decided to lead their followers in the march that meredith started which started in tennessee and ended in Jackson
  21. kerner commission
    pres johnsons had appointed to study the cause of urban violence
  22. cause of urban violene
    white racism
  23. what did johnsons report of urban violence report
    create new jobs, construct new housing and end de facto segregation to knock out ghetto environment
  24. civil rights act of 1968
    ended discrimination in housing
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