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  1. student performace rubric
    a rubric used to assess specific outcomes of a students performance
  2. instructionally supportive assesment
    using assesment results to guide instuctional practices by teachers
  3. teaching goals methods and procedures
    the combination of instructional stratigies ,interpersinal behaviours, and curriculum materials used by teachers to faciliate learning by the student
  4. academic content
    ideas and information from diffrent curricuum areas taught to students by teachers
  5. lesson development
    all the activities that teachers do in planning delivering and assesning lessons with students
  6. learning assesments
    methods and stratigeis used to evaluate student knowledge and performace before during and after a lesson is taught
  7. student learning objectvies
    benchmarks goals for what studnets will know or will be able to do after instuction by teachers
  8. understanding by design(UBD)
    approach to lesson development where teachers formulate eduring understnaings and essential questions as the basis for teaching, learning and assessment activities with students also called backward design
  9. enduring understanding and essential questions
    big ideas and essital concepts taught to students through the understnading by design approach to lesson development
  10. norm referenced tests
    tests taht compare a test taker's performace against other test takers of the same age or grade level
  11. critera referenced tests
    tests that compare a test taker's performace to as set of specific objectives or standards
  12. electronic grading software
    a software program that allows teachers to quickly calculate and record sutdnet grades on a computer
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