the holocaust notes

  1. How did it happen
    nazis gained control of the government 1933 and decided to solve "the Jewish problem"
  2. 1933-1939
    • Govertment bycotted jewish businesses
    • jews banned from courts and from teaching
    • banned from media music and films
    • jewis children expelled from schools
    • jews were then sent to the Gehttos and required to wear star of david at all times
  3. 1935 Nurmberg Laws
    • marages forbeden between jews and gentiles
    • citizenship taken away
  4. Kistallnaught
    • Night of broken Glass
    • over 500 sinagouges burned
    • jews beaten, killed and arrested
    • raids of homes and bussiness
    • riots were approved by the government
  5. Killings
    • 6 million jews
    • 5 million gypses, slavs, hommosexuals, handiapped and jehovas whitnesses
  6. Anti- semmetic
    hatred of jews and middle eastern people
  7. Aryan race
    Caucassion people of not jewish decent, blond hair bleu eyes ( a pure race)
  8. Holocaust
    systemetic destruction ( biggest gennocide ever)
  9. Propaganda
    • info deleberatley spread to help or jarm groups of people
    • mein kampf - my struggle
  10. Ghettos, Labour camps and concentration camps
    • Auswitz (Poland) - largest labour and kiling center
    • most camps were on polish soil
  11. Perpetraitors
    • those who assisted
    • Hitler
    • Himmler ( SS ociffer in charge of the final soluion)
  12. Bystanders
    • those who were indefrent to the acts of violence against the jews
    • everyday people
    • Christian churches in Germany
    • Nutral contries - sweeden, swisserland and U.S Government
  13. Sant Louis Incident
    a ship full of jewish immigrants were turned away by the united states
  14. Rescuers
    • those who offerd assitance to nazi victems
    • Dutch people (elsinor sewing club - dutch smugle jews to sweeden)
    • Kurt gurstein- informed allies
    • oscar schindler
    • Raoul Wallenburg - gave jews passports
  15. Scapegoat
    some one or people blamed without reason or proof
  16. the final solution
    • 1941
    • a government run plan to exterminate all jews
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