Presented Poems

  1. Mother to Son
    • Langston Hughes- black poet ( harlem Refromation)
    • Tell of a mother encouraging her son to stay strong and never giv up on life althought it i very difficult
    • Extended metaphor - her life to a dishveled staircase
  2. I'm Nobody Who are you
    • Emily Dickenson- reclusive life
    • Tells her veiws on soiety, and how she feels it is better to be a nobody than a sobody in the public eye, longing for attention
  3. The seven Ages of man
    • William Shakespear
    • Tell a mans life in seven stages and the dificulties through theeses stages ( from birth till death)
  4. Do not go gentle into that good night
    • Dylan Thomas
    • Abou a son telling his father to stay strong and fight death although its unavoidable
  5. My Papa's Waltz
    • Theodore Roethke
    • A son talkin about his memories of waltzing with his father at a young age.
  6. I, Too Sing America
    • Langson Hughes
    • A black man tellin of how he is treated poorley but stayes with a positive attitude and speakes of a futur where his true qualities will be reveled and he will stay amongst all americans.
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Presented Poems
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