SI Chap 33

  1. Instructions to Authors
    Set of specific instructions published in every journal that authors must follow in the preparation of a manuscript
  2. Abstract
    Summary of the content of the article, including the purpose of the study, the number and type of subjects, the basic procedures used, a summary of the results, and the major conclusion
  3. Introduction
    Drawn from the statement of purpose, the background, and specific aims included in the research proposal. Should provide a description of the research question and the context within which the author intended to answer it
  4. Methods
    Describing subjects, including how many were studied, what criteria were used to recruit them, how they were selected, and how they were assigned to groups. Continues with a description of equipment, data collection procedures, and data analysis procedures
  5. Discussion
    Heart of the research report: reflects the researcher's interpretation of the results in terms of purpose of the study and the outside world, includes research limitations, further research, and applicability to clinical settings
  6. Conclusion
    Brief restatement of the purpose of the study and its principal findings
  7. References
    Listing of sources cited throughout text pertaining to the study. Must be followed based on the rules in the Instructions to Authors
  8. Tables and Graphs
    Used in the results section to facilitate explanation of statistical findings and provide visual explanations
  9. Poster Presentation
    Report of research that is displayed on a large board so that it can be read and viewed by groups in an informal atmosphere
  10. Oral Presentation
    Open forum of colleagues that offers immediate, timely dissemination of new information
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SI Chap 33
Reporting the Results of Clinical Research