Chapters 21-25

  1. Indignant
    anger caused by something unjust
  2. tacit
    implied act the is not expressed; silent comment
  3. Demurred
    delay, hesitate, take exception
  4. impassive
    no sign of feeling or emotion; unresponsive; indifferent
  5. feral
    wild; not domesticated; brutal
  6. fatalistic
    a belief that events are fixed an humans can't change them
  7. furtive
    underhanded; secretive; sly; stealthily
  8. improbable
    unlikely to be true; unlikely but true
  9. sordid
    dirty; filthy; vile; gross
  10. largo
    very slow tempo; slow pace
  11. sibilant
    having the s or sh sound
  12. undelectable
    not pleasant or pleasing
  13. navigate
    to steer a course; operate the controls; make a way through
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Chapters 21-25
Chapters 21-25