1. differentiated instruction (DI)
    approach to teaching and learing structed so students with diverse learning styles can suceed in school
  2. universal design
    a term from the field of aritecture for ways to adapt physical environments to provide greater acess to information
  3. universal design for learning(UDL)
    application of universal design prinipals to teaching and learning in schools through teaching methods and assesments that foster equal acess to acedmic sucess for students with diffrent learning styles and prefrences
  4. accomodation
    changes to learning environments or curriculum dilvery stratigies to create greater acess to the regular school curriculum for studnets with special needs
  5. modification
    the process of changing teaching or learning situation to meet the needs of special education students
  6. technological covergance
    combining multiple features and functions in one digital tool
  7. assistive techologies
    tools that make academic material more acessible to students by minimizing barriers to learning
  8. electronic speller and dictonary
    small handheld device that provides standard spellings and meanings of for common English language words
  9. calculator
    a small eclectronic divice that performs mathematical opperations and is often used in teaching mathmatics in a K-12 classroom
  10. speech recognition software
    software that transforms spoken words into written text or speech to text software
  11. text reading software
    software that transforms printed text into spoken words or text to speach software
  12. screen reading software
    a type of assitive technology that enables computers to read printed text on a computer screen aloud ie read write gold
  13. optical character recognise and reading software
    a type of assitive technology for users with vision imparment that enables printed text to be converted to multiple formats
  14. word processing software
    a type of assitive technology that predicts the standard spelling of words that a writer intends to use in a typed document
  15. interactive electronic storybooks
    digital materials that include hypertext and other interactive digital features in a story format
  16. cued animation and sound effects(CASE)
    interative features found in electronic storybooks that may support ot hinder understanding and learning
  17. writing process
    an approach to the teaching of writing where writtrs use the interconnected process of brainstorming, drafting, revisiting, editing and publishing
  18. pre writting/brainstorming
    stage of the writting process where a writer generates ideas to write about and decides what formats to use in writing
  19. drafting
    stage of writing process where the writer creates an intial first draft
  20. revisiting
    stage of writting process where a writer reworks the intial draft by adding or deleating material
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