Lower GI 2

  1. how much exposure do you actually get on BE?
    5 years worth of daily exposure.
  2. Whats most posterior part of the collon?
    ascending and descending collon
  3. Whats teh maximum height of the enema bag? Why?
    24 inches because of gravity makign it go contrast go faster.
  4. What should the temperature of contrast media?
    Room temperature/Luke warm water
  5. Whats the basic position for a small bowel series? Where is the centering on the first shot?
    PA 2 inches above.
  6. FOr a PA projection, where is the CR?
    At midline 2 inches above illac crest or level of illiac crest.
  7. What are the basic positions for barium enema series?
    (6 Positions)
    • 1. PA and AP
    • 2. RAO and LAO
    • 3. LPO and RPO
    • 4. Lateral Rectum
    • 5. R and L lateral decub
    • 6. PA Post-evac
  8. What are the special views for a barium enema?
    • 1. AP Axial or AP axial oblique
    • 2. PA Axial or PA axial oblique
  9. For the RAO Barium Enema, where is the CR? What does it open up?
    • 1. CR is at level of illiac crest 1 inch to the left of mid line.
    • 2. It opens up the hepathic flexure ( right collic flexure )
  10. What position is this?
    Image Upload 1
  11. What opens up at LAO? Where is the centering?
    • 1. Splenic Flexure ( Left Collic Flexure )
    • 2. CR at levle of illac crest 1 inch to the right of mid line
  12. What position is this?
    Image Upload 2
  13. What are the rules for Oblique views? ( Ex. If you have an LAO, what would view the other side of this? )
    Polar opposite of the position that is said will view the other side of it.
  14. What view is this?
    Image Upload 3
  15. Image Upload 4
    What view is this?
  16. Where is the CR for the lateral view or ventral decube?
    True Lateral is at level of Asis and mid line
  17. What is demonstrated in hte Lateral rectum view?
    Rectosigmoid is demonstrated
  18. For a right lateral decube, where is the CR?
    1-2 inches above illic crest at mid line
  19. What position is this?
    Image Upload 5
    Right lateral decube
  20. Which decube should you center higher for?
    Right lateral decubitis
  21. For a post evac view, what is the CR?
    CR to illc crest at mid line.
  22. Forn an AP axial obliquie ( Butterfly view ) what is the oblique for the LPO? The tube angle?
    30-40 degrees for both centerered cephalad at middle of asis
  23. What is elongated in the Axial oblqiue views?
    Views elongated rectosigmoid colon
  24. For a PA, what is the rotation for the RAO? The tube angle?
    • RAO is rotated 35-45 degrees
    • Tube angled at 30-40 degrees CAUDAD.
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