Vocab Unit 3

  1. Adept
    -skillful, expert

    ex: Justin is an adept lair. Her always looks so unncent and sincere that everyone believes his lies.
  2. Homogeneous
    - the same through out

    ex: The student body at the local college appears quite homogeneous, but there are significant social and economical differences among the students.
  3. Presumptuous
    -to forward; to bold

    • ex: It was presumptuous of Eric to announce his engagement to
    • Angie before she had actually agreed to marry him.
  4. Sordid
    -ugly; nasty

    ex: The reformed criminal now lectures at high schools on how to avoid the mistakes that led him into a sordid life as a drug dealer.
  5. Stint
    -length of time

    ex: My stint serving hamburgars and fries at a fast food resturant convinced me that I needed to get a college degree.
  6. Stringent
    -demanding; strict, severe

    ex: Ms. Jasper has the most stringent standards in the English department. Passing her course is difficult; getting an ''A'' is next to impossible.
  7. Exhort
    - to urge

    ex: The school counselor gave an impassioned speech to the parents, in which she exhorted them to make every effort to keep their children off drugs.
  8. Flamboyant

    ex: Lily can't resist flamboyant clothes. She'd wear a hot-pink dress with gold satin trim to a funeral.
  9. Foible
    -miner fault

    ex: "I accept my husband's foible of leaving clothes lying around,'' Kia remarked; ''because it let's me be messy without feeling guilty.
  10. Innocuous

    ex: Altough most children engage in innocuous pranks on Halloween, some get out of control and de serious damage.
  11. Magnanimous

    ex: At age 5, John is already learning to be magnanimous. He hugs his baby sister, even when she hits him on the head with a wooden block.
  12. Masochist
    -someone who enjoys being hurt.

    ex: Psychologists are trying to understand why masochists obtain satisfaction from suffering,
  13. Meticulous
    -very careful

    ex: Marcus is meticulous about his appearance. He never has a wrinkle in his clothing or a hair out of place.
  14. Encompass
    -to include; contain

    ex: Tomorrows test will be difficult because it encompasses all the material covered this semester.
  15. Rancor
    -deep hatred

    ex: When there is longlasting rancor between divorced parents, their children may also start to share this bitterness.
  16. Recrimination
    -an accusation in reply

    ex: When Lainie's father and her teacher met to discuss Lainie's poor grades, they exchanged recriminations- each accused the other of not helping her d better.
  17. Repugnant

    ex: My parents find some of my eating habits repugnant, but I see nothing offensive about mixing peas and ketchup into mashed potatos.
  18. Entrepreneur
    -business investor

    ex: My ten-year old neighbor is already an entrepreneur. He set up a lemonade stand last summer and sold home made cookies at Halloween.
  19. Eradicate
    -to wipe out; get rid of; to erase

    ex: Joyce and Steven' adopted son was abused in an earlier home. They're working hard to eradicate the lingering effects on him of that experience.
  20. Atrophy
    -to waste away

    ex: Since unued muscles atrophy, an arm or a leg that remains in a cast for some time becomes thinner.
  21. Deplore
    -to condemn

    ex: Many people deplore some of the content on the Internet, but feel they must tolerate it, because they disapprove just as strongly of censorship.
  22. Deprivation
    -lack/storage; a deficiency

    ex: Weight-los programs typically claim that their members experience no sense of deprivation. "You'll never be hungrey.'' they promise.
  23. Exacerbate
    -to make worse

    ex: Instead of soothing the baby, the sound of music box seemed only to exacerbate his crying,
  24. Imperative

    ex: It is imperative that I renew my driver's license today- it expires at midnight.
  25. Mitigate
    -to relieve

    ex: Time usuallu mitigate the pain of a lost love,
  26. Objective

    ex: All too often, we let our own prejudices prevent us from being objective in judging others.
  27. Panacea

    ex: My aunt considers vitamins a panacea. She believes that they can cure everything.
  28. Unprecedented

    ex: The spring concert was "standing room only." This was unprecedented, the first time in our school's history that the concert had been sold out.
  29. Utilitarian

    ex: I prefers utilitarian gifts, such as pots and pans, to gifts that are meant to be jut ornamental or beautiful.
  30. Decorum
    -proper conduct

    ex: Decorum demands that you send a thank-you note for all birthday gifts, even those you don't like or will never use.
  31. Espouse
    - to speak for

    ex: Some politician espouse whatever ideas they think will win them votes.
  32. Exhilaration

    ex: After the last exam of the year, Olivia and I were so filled with exhilaration that we skipped all the way to the car.
  33. Exhorbitant
    -excessive; extremely high

    ex: Even if I were rich, I wouldn't pay three hundred dollars for those shoes. That's an exorbitant price.
  34. Extricate
    -to untangle

    ex: The fly struggled and struggled but was unable to extricate itself from the spider's web.
  35. Facilitate
    -make possible

    ex: For those with poor eyesight, large print facilitate reading.
  36. Orthodox

    ex: When father McKenzie brought drums and electric guitars into church, he shocked the more orthodox member of his congregation.
  37. Rejuvenate
    -to give new life to

    ex: The Fountain of Youth was a legendary spring whose water could rejuvenate people.
  38. Synchronize

    ex: We need to synchronize the clock in our house: the kitchen clock is ten minutes slower than the alarm clock in the bedroom.
  39. Tenuous

    ex: It doesn't take much to destroy an already tenuous relationship. Something as slight as forgetting to telephone can cause an unstable relationship to collapse
  40. Standardize
    -to make the same

    ex: When the company standardized its pay scale, the salary for each type of job became identical throughout all the departments.
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