Pharm Ch 11

  1. Oral route
    • Drugs swallowed
    • Max convience, but absorption is slower and less complete
    • First-pass effect
  2. Buccal
    • Place drug in pouch between gums and cheek
    • permits direct absorption into sytemic venous circulation
    • bypasses hepatic portal circut and first-pass metabolism
    • Process may be fast or slow depending on drug
  3. Sublingual
    • Placed drug under the tounge
    • permits direct absorption into sytemic venous circulationbypasses hepatic portal circut and first-pass metabolismProcess may be fast or slow depending on drug
  4. Rectal
    • Suppository
    • Partial escapte of first-pass effect; not as complete as buccal or sublingal
    • larger amounts of drug administered can be delivered versus buccal or sublingal
  5. Inhalation
    • In case of respiratory disease, inhalation offers delivery closest to target tissue
    • rapid rate of absorption due to large alveolar
  6. Topical
    • Application to the skin or mucos membrance of the eye, nose, throat, airways, or vagina for local effect
    • rate of absorption varies area of appliation and drug formation-usually slower than other routes
  7. Transdermal
    • Application of drug to skin for systemic effect
    • slow absorption of drug
    • first-pass effect is avoided
  8. Parenteral routes
    • Intramuscluar
    • absorption oftentimes faster and more complete than orgal adminstration
    • Large drug volumes can be adminstrered
  9. Subcutaneous
    • Slower absorption than untramuscular
    • Large drug volumes cannont be adminsitered
  10. Intra)venous
    • offers instantaneous and complete absorption (bioavailablity 100%
    • Potentially dangerous, high blood levels may be produced
  11. Nasogastric and gastostomy tubes
    • Used for patients who are unable to swallow or ingest anything
    • nasogastirc tube- through nose to stomach
    • used to administer medication
    • temp feeding tube; remove stomach contents
    • Gastrostomy tube- drectly into stomach
    • Permanent feeding tube; used to admin med
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