SI Chap 32

  1. Research Proposal
    The plan that describes all the preparatory elements (development of the research question, delineation of methods of data collection, etc), and describes the purpose of the study, importance of the research question, the research protocol, and justifies the feasibility of the project
  2. Institutional Review Board (IRB)
    Board that reviews research proposals prior to implementation to ensure that the rights of research subjects are protected
  3. Abstract
    Summary of the project or program, often limited to one page. Required by most funding agencies and review boards
  4. Purpose
    Statement of precisely what the project is expected to accomplish
  5. Specific Aims/Objectives
    Statement that helps reviewers focus the description of methods and will often help the researcher guide the discussion of results when the study is completed
  6. Background Section
    Information that includes the theoretical rationale for the study and pertinent facts, observations or claims that have lead the investigator to the proposed research question
  7. Method Section
    Most important part of a proposal, including listing of subjects, materials, procedures, and data analysis
  8. Subjects
    Description of individuals used in the study, including details on inclusion and exclusion criteria
  9. Materials
    List of equipment, instruments, or measuring tools that will be used in the study
  10. Procedures
    Precisely what is to be done from beginning to end of the investigation in chronological sequence
  11. Data Analysis
    Outlines specific procedures for recording, storing, and reducing data and for statistical analysis
  12. References
    Listing of literature cited in paper
  13. Budget Justification
    Narrative section used to explain the projected costs in each category (personnel, equipment, facilities, supplies, and travel)
  14. Direct Costs
    Categorical projected costs in personnel budget, equipment costs, facilities, supplies, and travel
  15. Indirect Costs
    Costs related principally to the overhead charged by the sponsoring institution for administrative activities, facility maintenance, and other support services
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