Chapter 25, Glucose

  1. What is the most important glucocorticoid hormone from the adrenal cortex
    Has to be present for the other 3 hormones to work
  2. What hormone is secreted by the langerhorne cells
    realeases glucose from stored glycogen
  3. What hormone helps to maintain glucose in the blood during stress by inhibiting the release of insulin
  4. What hormone antagonizes the effects of insulin by decreasing the glucose uptake and usage by cells
    growth hormone
  5. Where is insulin produced
    beta cells of islets of langerhorn of the pancrease
  6. What regulates insulin release
    blood glucose levels
  7. As blood glucose rises what occurs to insulin secreations
    also rise
  8. why is insulin so important
    it bind to the receptor site of cells, proteins get inserted into cell membrane, glucose binds to the proteins and enters the cell

    controls the production of enzymes responsible for cellular metabolism(enzymes that convert glucose to glycogen for storage/adipose)
  9. How does glucose move into the cell
    facilitated diffusion
  10. Where are the greatest amounts of glycogen stored
    liver and muscle cells
  11. What is the metabloic pathway of glucose to adipose
    glucose-glycerol & fatty acids-storage of triglycerides in adipose
  12. Where is insulin not required for glucose uptake
    • epithelial cells of the gut
    • brain neruons
  13. What is the primary fuel for the brain and the nervous system
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Chapter 25, Glucose
Chapter 25, Glucose