History Final Exam

  1. deliberate & systematic killing of an entire population
  2. How did the nazis carry out a genocide during WWII?
    the nazis condemned to slavery & death not only to jews but other groups they viewed as inferior or unworthy
  3. In 1939, a non-aggression pact was signed between Germany and ____ giving Hitler the green light to start WWII?
  4. giving up principles to pacify an aggressor
  5. What two European powers appeased Hitler repeatedly prior to the start of WWII?
    Britain & France
  6. Who attacked the US on Dec. 7th, 1941 pulling US into WWII?
  7. Axis Powers (WWII)
    Germany, Italy & Japan
  8. allowed the US to sell arms & other supplies to other countries before the official US entry into WWII
    Lend-Lease Act
  9. What German invasion (sept. 1st, 1939) forced Britain & France to finally enter the war?
    invasion of Poland
  10. Munich Pact
    allowed Hitler to take the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia
  11. "Night of Broken Glass" - Nazi storm troopers attacked Jewish homes, businesses, & synagogues across Germany.
  12. Which treaty punished Germany harshly for WWI?
    Treaty of Versailles
  13. Which battle in Russia was the turning point during WWII?
    Battle of Stalingrad
  14. Who made the final decision to use atomic warfare against Japan?
    President Truman
  15. Little Boy was dropped on ____
  16. Fat Man was dropped on ______
  17. What was discussed at the Yalta Conference by Roosevelt, Churchill, & Stalin?
    the fate of Germany & the postwar world
  18. Who were WAACs? What did they do?
    Women's Auxiliary Army Corps, served in noncombat positions

    (nurse, ambulance driver, radio operator, electrician, pilot)
  19. Germany's last major offensive of WWII failed in what 1944-45 Euro. battle?
    Battle of the Bulge
  20. D-Day was an Allied invasion of the Northern coast of what nation?
  21. How many Jews were killed during the Holocaust?
    6 million
  22. V-E Day
    Germany surrendered officially (May 8th, 1945)
  23. Who served as Supreme Commander of US troops in Europe during WWII?
    Dwight Eisenhower
  24. What allowed veterans to attend college for free after they returned from war?
    GI Bill
  25. the ambitious/secretive development of the atomic bomb
    Manhattan project
  26. Who was defeated in the Battle of Midway in 1941 after its plans for an attack were intercepted?
  27. What did the HUAC investigate?
    communism in the movie industry
  28. preventing expansion of communism rule in other countries
    policy of containment
  29. nationalist ruler- E & S China - (US aid)
    Chiang Kai-shek
  30. communist ruler- N China - (SU aid)
    Mao Zedong
  31. Douglas MacArthur commanded US troops during what war?
    Korean War
  32. Who despite having no evidence claimed that communists had infiltrated the US gov. & military during the 1950s?
    Joseph McCarthy
  33. West European countries, Canada & US's defensive military alliance
  34. SU's military alliance --- linked it with 7 East European countires
    Warsaw Pact
  35. satellite nations
    Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Poland
  36. Airplanes dropped food into Germany's capital city when SU blocked all ground access into the city
    Berlin Airlift
  37. Who started the Korean War?
    North Korea
  38. In the 1960's, what became the main source of news & entertainment?
  39. Who proposed the successful domestic program, Peace Corps?
  40. Medicare provided for?
    hospital & low cost medical insurance for 65+ Americans
  41. What promise did the US make to the SU to bring the Cuban Missile Crisis to an end?
    to remove misslies from Turkey
  42. The fall of what city caused South Vietnam to surrender?
  43. communist opposition group in South Vietnam
  44. What US president supported Vietnaminization?
  45. What president escalated the US role in Vietnam after the Gulf of Tonkin incident?
  46. limited a president's role to wage a war
    War Powers Act
  47. Who wanted to make sure a federal ban on segregation in all interstate travel facilities were being enforced?
    freedom riders
  48. What was the main reason that Japanese-Americans were interned in camps?
    sense of fear & uncertainty
  49. What was the primary motive for the US decision to use atomic warfare?
    to stop invasion of Japan
  50. Who was defeated in the battle of Midway?
  51. HUAC investigated communism in what industry?
    movie industry
  52. What was the outcome of the Korean War?
    signed armistice ending war- communism contained - Korea still has 2 nations
  53. How did TV play a role in the presidential election?
    debate helped Kennedy- he looked & spoke better than Nixon
  54. What was the conclusion of the Warren Commission?
    Oswald had shot the president while acting on his own
  55. What other promise did the US make to the SU (Cuban Missile Crisis)
    to remove missiles from Turkey
  56. What was the US hoping to accomplish in the Vietnam war?
    contain communism in Vietnam
  57. What was a popular way to get a draft exemption?
    medical exemptions from drs.
  58. leader of Indochinese Communist Party
    Ho Chi Minh
  59. Supreme Court ruled "separate but equal" - law didn't violate 14th amendment
    Plessy vs Ferguson
  60. violated student's rights by denying admission to an all-white school just 4 blocks from her house
    Brown vs Board of Ed
  61. first major organized effort to fight against segregation (boycott)
    Montgomery Bus Boycott
  62. What established MLK Jr. as a major Civil Rights leader?
    Montgomery Bus Boycott
  63. What Civil Rights org. did King help establish?
    SCLC- Southern Christian Leadership Conference
  64. What was the purpose of the Freedom Summer campaign?
    to influence Congress to pass a voting rights act
  65. Whose arrest sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott?
    Rosa Parks
  66. Who represented Linda Brown in (brown vs. board)?
    Thurgood Marshall
  67. OPEC nations punished US by cutting off supply of what?
    oil sales
  68. Camp David Accords were a peace agreement signed between what two nations?
    Israel & Egypt
  69. a defense system that would keep Americans safe from enemy missiles
    Strategic Defense Initiative
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