Stryker Capabilities

  1. what is the approximate behicle range on two full fuel tanks
    • 330 miles at 40 mph
    • 280 miles at 45 mph

    on hard surfaced roads over rolling terrain
  2. what is the largest size ammunition the vehicle hull armor will provide ballistic protection from
    7.62 mm ball ammo.
  3. usig towing lugs, the vehicle may be towed ftom the front with the transmission drive shaft disconnected for up to what distance and at what speed
    10 miles at 20 mph, after 10 miles the transfer case will begin to overheat.
  4. steel belted tires with run-flat liners allow vehicle mobility for what distance with all tires flat
    5 miles, more may cause the tires to catch fire.
  5. how many pounds pulling capacity does the side-mounted hydraulic winch have for recovery operations
    30,000 lbs pulling capacity
  6. how many pound's can the ramp hold when transporting loads
    • 1000 lbs
    • 1500 with attached chains
    • 500 on the door itself
  7. what must be done to the RWS prior to firing either the M2 or Mark 19 manually
    the elevation and traverse travel locks must be released to avoid drive mechanism daage.
  8. what is the maximum grade and slope that the stryker is capable of maneuvering
    • 60% grade
    • 30% slope
  9. what are the for CTIS (Central tire inflation system) setting and their PSI's
    • Highway/hardsurface - 81 PSI
    • Cross-country - 47 PSI
    • Snow/Mud/Sand - 22 PSI
    • Emergency pressure - 18 PSI
  10. what are the three methods to destroy or abandon an Infantry carrier vehicle
    • demolition
    • anti-armor fire
    • fire
  11. in a wedge formation wich 2 vehicles lead
    platoon leader and platoon sergeants vehicle
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