Surgical Nursing 170 Final

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  1. What is dental prohylaxis?
    dental cleaning
  2. T/F: Gingivitis is inflammation of just the gums, whereas periodontitis is inflammation of the gums and other structures under the gumline
  3. What is the term for the surfaces of the teeth where the top and bottom teeth meet?
  4. T/F: there is controversy about whether or not fluoride should be used in dental tx of cats and dogs
  5. 2 types of breathing systems include the __________ (pt > 15-20#) and the _______ (pt < 15-20#)
    re-breathing system and the non-re-breathing system
  6. An endotracheal tube can be removed when the pt's _______ reflex returns
  7. What does a pulse oximeter measure?
    % O2 in the blood and pulse rate
  8. Why is the O2 left on when the anes gas is turned off at the completion of sx?
    to help flush excess anes gas from the lungs
  9. What settings are used to sterilize with a standard autoclave?
    250 degrees at 13-15 psi for 13-15 mins
  10. Surgical gown sleeves are considered steril from where to where?
    5cm above the elbow down to the cuff/wrist
  11. How many times must a sx site be scrubbed for prep?
    minimum of 3 times
  12. How do we control microbes to help avoid causing/adding infection?
    • eliminate the source of microbes
    • prophy antibiotics to help host resist microbes
    • prevent transmission of microbes by using aseptic technique
  13. Why must even a receptionist briefly entering the sx suite use a minumum of a mask?
    to avoid introducing microbes and possibly infection
  14. Stoppingh the flow of blood is ________ and the doctor may use _________ to acheive this?
    hemostasis; hemostatic forceps
  15. A va's role in sx may include pre, peri and post-op care, including monitoring vitals and what else?
    monitoring anes
  16. A VA ________ place a purse string suture
  17. An ET tube can be removed once a pt _______. Also, if the ET is too large or the cuff is not deflated before removal, _________ can occur.
    swallows, trachea damage
  18. What is the best way to transport a pt w/ spinal problems?
    secured in lateeral recumbancy to a board/stretcher
  19. A pt lying on it's back, face-up is positioned how?
    dorsal recumbancy
  20. How is a surgical scrub performed?
    • alternate sx scrub and solution 3 times scrubbing from sx site out in circular motion.
    • *for breeds with long hair hanging from sides/belly, either clip shorter or wet with alcohol to keep out of sx site
  21. What is aseptic technique?
    Process of taking all steps to prevent contamination of a sx site
  22. Some procedures require sx prep and some do not...what is the difference?
    procedures that go into sealed body cavities or require that no contamination occur (-centeses, spay, visceral procedures) require aseptic prep, whereas procedures such as anal gland expression or blood draws do not
  23. How are surgical instruments cleaned prior to packing for sterilization?
    • 1. soak in distilled water and enzymatic instrument cleaner
    • 2. scrub (including joints/hinges/serrations) with a brush
    • 3. rinse and place in u/s cleaner
    • 4. place in instrument milk (for lube/life/anti-rust)
    • 5. dry and pack/ID for autoclave
  24. Name 3 types of sterilization and how they each work:
    • Autoclave (pressurized steam)
    • Chemical/Cold (guteraldehyde, not guaranteed)
    • Gas (ethylene oxide/EtO)
  25. How are instruments packed and placed in the autoclave?
    wrap packs tightly and load autoclave loosely
  26. How many wraps are used for surgical instruments?
  27. What is a kelly and what is it for?
    kelly is a hemostatic forcep with horizontal serrations 1/2way down each arm, used to achieve hemostasis
  28. What size clipper blade is used for clipping a surgery site
  29. What is the instrument used for seperating the edges of a surgical incision?
  30. What types of suture material is absorbable?
    • Gut (cat or chromic)
    • pds
    • vicryl
    • (absorbed by hydrolysis)
  31. What types of suture materials are not absorbable?
    • steel
    • silk
    • nylon
  32. What is the name of the needle holder that is also a scissors?
    Olsen-Hager needle holder
  33. -ectomy
    surgical removal
  34. -otomy
    incision into
  35. Do surgical masks need to be sterile?
    no-they are not by nature
  36. Where is the sterile zone?
    • table-top-up
    • instrument tray
    • (*non-sterile assistant can go under drape to monitor pt)
  37. What is sterility?
    DISINFECTING/killing microbes on inanimate objects
  38. What is asepsis?
    Inhibition of growth of microbes on living tissue with ANTISEPTIC
  39. What are curettes used for?
    • dentistry
    • orthopedic procedures
    • *curettes come in many sizes
  40. How many teeth does an adult K9 have?
  41. How many teeth does and adult cat have?
  42. Can suture material be autoclaved? Why/why not?
    no, it would break down and loose it's strength
  43. What is the difference between a dental curette and a dental scaler?
    • curette: cleans under gumline
    • scaler: cleans surfaces of crown and has sharper point
  44. Which instrument is used to measure the sulcus of the tooth?
    periodontal probe
  45. How can one tell that a sx pack has been sterilized?
    stripes on autoclave tape turn black
  46. What 2 things determine the effectiveness of a surgical scrub prep?
    • amt of time scrub is in contact with skin
    • scrubbing action
  47. What materials can sx gowns be made from?
    • cloth
    • paper
  48. When/how are clipper blades cleaned?
    • clean after every use
    • 1. brush excess fur from blade
    • 2. submerge blade-end of clipper into blade wash and run
    • 3. apply disinfectant spray and oil and turn on again
  49. Name 2 ways to assess a pt's O2 levels
    • pulse oximeter
    • mucous membrane color
  50. What 4 things can cause a pulse ox to give an incorrect reading?
    • it becomes detattched from pt/probe position
    • pt is hypothermic or hypotensive
    • tachycardia/bradycardia
  51. What is the part of the tooth above the gumline?
  52. Are instruments that have been soaking for cold sterilization in gluteraldehyde ok to use for long, sterile sx?
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