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  1. When was 2-3 IN constituted
    3 JUNE 1784
  2. When was 2-3 IN designated
    22 MAY 1816 (B company, 3rd inf.)
  3. When where we redesignated
    23 MARCH 1966 (2nd Bat. 3rd INF)
  4. Army's birthday
    14 June 1775
  5. Describe the Unit Insignia.
    A gold color metal device 1 1/2 in width overall consisting of a wreath supporting an infantry officer's cocked hat of 1784 with plume. The insignia is the crest of the coat of arms of the regiment, without color.
  6. Campaign participation credit for 2-3 in
    • War of 1812
    • civil war
    • indian wars
    • war with spain
    • philippine insurrection
    • world war II
    • vietnam
    • war on terrorism
  7. Unit decorations
    Valorous Unit Award for SAIGON
  8. When was 3rd BDE, 2nd ID activated on Fort Lewis
    16 April 1995
  9. 2 ID shoulder sleeve insignia
    upon a five pointed white star whose points lie in the circumference of an imaginary circle 3-1/2 in diameter and indian's head with war bonnet in profile, face red, bonnet blue with outline of feathers in blue. the star to be superimposed upon a blck shield, of dimensions such the points ot the star shall lie at the distance of 1/8 from the perimeter
  10. What date was the Army flag dedicated?
    14 June 1956 (it was approved 12 June 1956
  11. What is the oldest part of our Army?
    The Army National Guard
  12. When was the start of the Revolutionary War?
    19 April, 1775
  13. When was the Declaration of Independence signed?
    July 04, 1776
  14. What is the name of the document that originally governed the United States and was later replaced by the"Constitution"?
    The Articles of Confederation
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