SAT Vocab 8

  1. gravity
    • (n) seriousness
    • The president's serious reply indicated the gravity of the situation.
  2. extolled
    • (v) to praise highly
    • The recuiter extolled the military experience.
  3. euphonious
    • (adj) pleasant in sound
    • Spanish is a euphonious language and therefore easily sung.
  4. cacophony
    • (n) harsh discordance of sound
    • Oddly enough, some people seem to enjoy the cacophony of an orchestra that is tuning up.
  5. austere
    • (adj) severely strict
    • Austere demeanor was characteristic of the Puritans.
  6. expedited
    • (v) to hasten; speed up the process of
    • Our emergency order will be expedited so it will arrive was soon as possible.
  7. heresy
    • (n) opinion different from the majority belief
    • Your remarks about the service are pure heresy.
  8. novel
    • (adj) new
    • His novel ideas heled him rise to a high position quickly.
  9. philanthropy
    • (n) the act of performing charitable actions
    • The millionaire was respected because of his philanthropy.
  10. philistines
    • (n) barbarian; someone who is guided by materialism
    • We need more men of culture and enlightenment; we have too many philistines among us.
  11. cache
    • (n) a hiding place
    • The detective followed the suspect until he led them to the cache where he had stored his loot.
  12. tentative
    • (adj) uncertain
    • We made tentative plans for our vacation well in advance.
  13. deference
    • (n) courteous regard
    • In deference to his desires, the employers granted him a holiday.
  14. fervor
    • (n) great passion
    • The fervor of his cause was obvious in his spirited speech to his followers; he was far from dispassionate.
  15. pragmatic
    • (adj) practical; realistic
    • He was not impressed by theory-- he wanted pragmatic results.
  16. ascetic
    • (adj) strict in morals/religion
    • Monks lead an ascetic life.
  17. profound
    • (adj) having deep meaning
    • The Human Comedy is a simply-written yet profound book.
  18. dogmatic
    • (adj) asserting opinions in an arrogant manner
    • Don't be so dogmatic about that statement; it can be refuted easily.
  19. didactic
    • (adj) intending to teach a moral lesson
    • The didactic qualities of his poetry overshadow its literary qualities; the lesson he teaches is more memorable than the lines.
  20. disparity
    • (n) lack of similarity; difference
    • The disparity in their ages made no difference at all.
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