Anatomy:Exam One

  1. an epithelium resting on a loose connective tissue membrane called a lamina propria; this type of membrane lines all body cavities that open to the exterior, such as the respiratory , digestive, urinary, and reproductive tracts.
    Mucous membrane ( mucosa)
  2. Pericardium
    serosa of the heart
  3. clear fluid secreted by parietal and visceral
    Serous fluid
  4. Synovial joint
    joint cavity lined with synovium
  5. _______is composed of simple squamous epithelium and lines body cavities that are closed to the exterior. The parietal layer lines the wall of the ventral cavity; the visceral layer covers the outside of the organs
    Serous membrane (serosa)
  6. Pleura
    serosa of the thorax and lungs
  7. synovial membranes composed of soft areolar connective tissueand contain no epitheliulm. They line the fibrous capsule surrounding joints
    Connective tissue membranes
  8. Peritoneum
    serosa of the abdomen and abdominal organs
  9. Lamina propria
    loose connective tissue underlying epithelium
  10. Synovial fluid
    lubricating fluid secreted by the synovium
  11. cutaneous membranes (skin), mucous membranes, and serous membranes
    Epithelial membranes
  12. Synovial membrane
    soft areolar connective tissue
  13. Body membranes
    epithelial and connective are the two major categories
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