GCSE Biology

  1. what is a placebo
    a fake dummy drug that does not contain the real drug but tastes and looks exactly the same
  2. give an example of a legal reacreational drug
    • tobacco
    • nicotine
    • alcohol
    • caffine
  3. give an example of an illegal recreational drug
    • cannabis
    • heroine
    • cocaine
  4. some recreational drugs are very addictive give an example of a recreational drug that is very addictive
    • heroine
    • cocaine
    • tobacco
    • nicotine
    • caffeine
  5. what is meant by the recreational use of drugs
    using drugs for pleasure/to make you feel good/to reduce stress
  6. explain why a person might become addicted to a drug
    • drugs contain addictive chemicals for example a cigarette contains nicotine
    • drug alters the body's chemistry
    • causes withdrawal symptoms if the person stops taking the drug
    • they feel they need more of the drug to get the same effect as they used to do when they were taking less of the drug
  7. why might data from a drug test be more reliable than other data from the same test
    because some tests may have a higher number of participants
  8. when asking which drug was most effective the drug that is most effective may be most effective ans you can tell this because there the biggest
    difference betweeen the placebo and the treatment
  9. in phase 1 testing healthy volunteers are used rather than patients
    suggest a reason for this
    • the dose may be too low to help patients
    • higher risk for paatients
    • the drug might conflict with patients treatment
    • might conflict with the other drugs the patient may be on
    • effect of the drug may be masked by the patients symptoms
  10. drugs ....... what goes on in your body . Your body's essential a seething mass of ..... ...... - drugs can ........ with these ....... , sometimes for better , sometimes not
    • alter
    • chemical reactions
    • interfere
    • reactions
  11. drugs can change your ..... ....
    body chemistry
  12. some of the chemical changes caused by drugs can lead to the body becoming ......... to the drug . If the drug isnt taken , an addict can suffer ..... ..... - and sometimes these are very unpleasant
    • addicted
    • withdrawal symptoms
  13. drugs can be ...... , ....... or ......-.....
    • medicinal
    • recreational
    • performance-enhancing
  14. medicinal drugs are
    medically useful
  15. for some medicinal drugs you dont need a ........ (e.g. paracetamol) , but for others you do (e.g. morphine) because these can be ....... if .....
    • prescription
    • dangerous
    • misuesed
  16. recreational drugs are used for ...... . These can be ..... or ...
    • pleasure
    • illegal
    • legal
  17. performance-enhancing drugs can ...... a persons ...... in ....
    • improve
    • performance
    • sport
  18. performance-enhancing drugs have .... and ...... impacts
    • health
    • ethical
  19. there are several different types of performance-enhancing drugs including ...... ..... (that increase muscle size) and stimulants (that ..... .... ...)
    • anabolic steroids
    • increase heart rate
  20. steroids can cause
    high blood pressure
  21. some performance-enhancing drugs are
    banned by law , some are prescription only , but all are banned by sporting bodies
  22. what are the ethical problems against taking perfromanec-enhancing drugs
    • it's unfair if people gain an advantage by taking drugs , not just through training
    • athletes may not be fully informed of the serious health effects of the drugs they take
  23. what are the ethical arguements for taking performance-enhancing drugs
    • athletes have the right to make their own decision about whether taking drugs is worth the risk or not
    • drug-free sport isnt really fair anyway because different athletes have acess to different training facilities , coaches , equipment , etc
  24. claims about drugs need to be
    looked at carefully
  25. statins are prescribed drugs used to lower the risk of
    heart and circulatory disease
  26. there's evidence that the statins lower blood cholestrol and
    significantly lower the risk of heart disease in diabetic patients
  27. the origional reseacrh for statins was done on by government scientists with no connection to the manufactuers . The sample size was big with over 6000 petients . It compared two groups of pateints - those who had taken statins and those who hadnt . Other studies have since backed up these findings so
    control groups were used and , and the results were reproducible so statins can be proved to be effective at lowering heart and circulatory disease
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