1. Traffic lights.

    Anyone on crossing?

  2. Zebra

    Anyone approaching or on crossing?

  3. Stopping at Traffic lights.
    • 1. Hands on wheel till you stop.
    • 2. Handbrake.
    • 3. Gear.

    Ideally in this order!
  4. Waiting at lights.
    Be ready.

    Biting point/covering gas/hand on handbrake.

    At the same time All round observation.
  5. Stuck in traffic.
    Be ready.

    Biting point/covering gas/hand on handbrake.

    At the same time All round observation.
  6. Driving along a dual carriageway where the traffic in the middle lane is doing 50 mph. Thoughts?
    Positioning. - Check mirrors.

    Do not undertake.
  7. Entering a speed limit zone, the signs will be...
    Large and on both sides of the road.
  8. Repeater signs are there to...
    Remind you of the speed limit, they are placed every couple of hundred yards and are smaller than the main speed signs.
  9. Pulling away...
    • 1. Left Mirror
    • 2. Right Mirror
    • 3. Blind spot.
  10. Preparing to pull away from a bus stop.
    • 1. Prepare vehicle.
    • 1st Gear/Biting Point/Covering gas
    • 2. Check passengers
    • 3. Check mirrors/blind spot
    • 4. Indicate
    • 5. Pull away when safe.
  11. Stopping at a bus stop is similar to approaching a...
    Traffic light.

    Slow right down and coast to a controlled stop with the brake.
  12. Bus stop approach.
    INDICATE to inform traffic what you are doing. Slow, controlled by brake and clutch. Follow the yellow line into the bus stop, moving very slowly. IT IS BETTER TO GET A MINOR FOR BEING >6 Inches from the kerb than a SERIOUS FAULT for HITTING THE KERB.
  13. Reverse manouvre.

    • 1. Half turn wheel left, so back of the van moves left.
    • 3. Check position of line. Moving SLOW with the clutch. Steer driving wheels away from the line.
    • 4. When the middle cone come into view, Hard lock left.
    • 5. When the third cone comes into view, straighten wheel and then one turn right - AIMING FOR NEARSIDE GARAGE ENTRY CONE.
    • 6.Guide SLOWLY into garage, aligning peg with the near white line.
  14. LESS SPEED =
    More time.
  15. Meeting traffic.
    Slow down immediately: Less speed = more time to make a decision.

    Don't panic, and be prepared to stop if you have to. Even if just to assess the situation.

    Once committed follow through. Remember not to leave your back end on the other side of the road!
  16. Pulling away...
    Both mirrors, blind spot. Indicate. Lift handbrake. go.
  17. Traffic lights

    Check crossing.

  18. Zebra crossing

    Check crossing. Anyone looking like they might be approaching from EITHER side?

  19. Traffic lights

    Check crossing.

  20. Zebra

    Check crossing. Look for pedestrians intending to cross on your side and the opposite one too.

  21. Less speed
    More time
  22. Approaching a blind corner in a built up area.
    Beware that anything could be coming round. Down to second gear, cover the break. If it is a give way be prepared to stop anyway, just be safe.
  23. What to classes of vehicle deserved particular attention in meeting situations.
    Lorries and buses - they may be on your side of the road.
  24. Looking in your mirrors for?
    Cyclists, motorcyclists, vehicles letting you into their lane, vehicles tailgating.
  25. Indicate when...
    • 1. You can see your junction.
    • 2. There are no offroads to your left/right before the junction.
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