Los verbos reflexivos

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  1. acostarse
    to go to bed
  2. afeitarse
    to shave
  3. bañarse
    to take a bath
  4. cepillarse los dientes
    to brush one's teeth
  5. despertarse
    to wake up
  6. divertirse
    to have a good time, enjoy oneself
  7. dormirse
    to fall asleep
  8. ducharse
    to take a shower
  9. levantarse
    to get up (out of bed); to stand up
  10. llamarse
    to be called
  11. peinarse
    to brush/ comb one's hair
  12. ponerse
    to put on (an article of clothing)
  13. quitarse
    to take off (an article of clothing)
  14. sentarse
    to sit down
  15. vestirse
    to get dressed
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