chapter 5- Los verbos

  1. almorzar
    to have lunch
  2. cerrar
    to close
  3. descansar
    to rest
  4. dormir
    to sleep
  5. dormir la siesta
    to take a nap
  6. empezar
    to begin, start
  7. empezar a + inf.
    to begin to do something
  8. entender
    to understand
  9. hacer
    to do; to make
  10. haver ejercicio
    to exercise
  11. hacer un viaje
    to take a trip
  12. hacer una pregunta
    to ask a question
  13. jugar
    to play (a game or sport)
  14. oír
    to hear; to listen to
  15. pedir
    to ask for; to order
  16. pensar
    to think (about)
  17. pesar + inf.
    to intend, plan to (do something)
  18. perder
    to lose; to miss( an event)
  19. poner
    to put; to place; to turn on (an appliance)
  20. salir
    to leave (a place)
  21. salir bien/mal
    to turn/ come out well/badly; to do well/poorly
  22. salir con
    to go out with, date
  23. salir para
    to leave for (a place)
  24. servir
    to serve
  25. traer
    to bring
  26. ver
    to see
  27. volver
    to return
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