Brit Lit Midterm

  1. 1660-1700
    The Restoration
  2. 1700-1745
    The Augustan Age (or Age of Pope)
  3. 1745-1785
    The Age of Sensibility (or Age of Johnson)
  4. 1660-1785
    The Neoclassic Period
  5. Neoclassic Period, influenced by...
    Contemporary French literature
  6. The Restoration (1660) is marked by...
    The restoration of the monarchy

    The triumph of reason and tolerance over religious and political passion.
  7. During the Age of Sensibility, literature reflected ________ and began to emphasize___________.
    the worldview of Enlightenment.......instinct and feeling, rather than judgment and restraint
  8. 1700-1745: The Augustan Age is AKA
    The age of Pope
  9. The Age of Sensibility is AKA
    The Age of Johnson
  10. The Wife's Resentment: Roderigo
    Main character. Knight, Count, Cheater, Killed
  11. The Wife's Resentment: Violenta
    Main wife
  12. The Wife's Resentment: Donna Camilla
    Violenta's mom
  13. The Wife's Resentment: Brothers
    Salesmen, witnesses
  14. The Wife's Resentment: Ianthe
    Maid, helped murder
  15. The Wife's Resentment: Count's Valet
    Witness, took him to Violenta's
  16. The Wife's Resentment: Aurelia
    Count's second wife
  17. The Wife's Resentment: Don Ramires
    Count's second wife's dad
  18. The Wife's Resentment: Magistrates and Officers of Justice
    Came to the crime scene
  19. The Wife's Resentment: Vice-Roy and Judges
    Listened to Violenta's story
  20. The Wife's Resentment: Duke of Calabria
    Violenta executed in front of him
  21. The Wife's Resentment: Bandwell
    says that the maid was killed
  22. The Wife's Resentment: Paludanus
    Spaniard who says the maid was not found
  23. 1649
    Cromwell has Charles I beheaded
  24. 1660
    Charles II restored to the throne

    Reopening of theatres.

    Beginning of Neoclassic period
  25. 1665
    Great Plague of London
  26. 1666
    • Last of plague
    • Great fire of London
    • Military defeats
  27. 1678
    The "Popish Plot" inflames anti-Catholic feeling
  28. 1707
    Act of Union with Scotland
  29. 1775-1783
    American Revolution
  30. 1776
    Abolition of slave trade
  31. 1789
    Beginning of French Revolution
  32. 1649-1660
    Interregnum -- Oliver Cromwell OR no on is on the throne
  33. 1660-1685
    Charles II
  34. 1685-1688
    James II
  35. 1689-1702
    Mary II of Stuart, ruled 1689-1694 William III of Orange, ruled 1689-1702 (w/ Mary)
  36. 1702-1714
  37. 1714-1727
    George I
  38. 1727-1760
    George II
  39. 1760-1820
    George III
  40. Rape of the Lock: Belinda
    Girl with the hair
  41. Rape of the Lock: Shock
    Lap dog
  42. Rape of the Lock: Ariel
    Head Sylph
  43. Rape of the Lock: Canto 1
    She dreams. Ariel tells her it is going to be a dangerous day. Beware of men. She wakes up and gets ready for the day.
  44. Rape of the Lock: Canto 2
    Travels by river to party. Description of curls. Baron prays for the ability to get the hair. Makes sacrifice of past love items. Gods grant him half of his wish.
  45. Rape of the Lock: Baron
    Wants lock of hair
  46. Rape of the Lock: Brillante
    Gaurd of earrings
  47. Rape of the Lock: Crispissa
    Gaurd of her hair
  48. Rape of the Lock: Momentia
    Gaurd of her watch
  49. Rape of the Lock: Petticoats
    Fifty Sylphs
  50. Rape of the Lock: Canto 3
    Belinda plays cards and almost loses. Coffee is served. Ariel senses an earthly lover lurking at her heart and gives up. Baron cuts lock after 3 tries.
  51. Rape of the Lock: Umbriel
    Passes through Belinda and gets the bag of sighs, sobs, and passions
  52. The Rape of the Lock: Thalestris
    Belinda's friend who delivers a speech.
  53. The Rape of the Lock: Sir Plume
    Her Beau, asks limply for her hair back
  54. The Rape of the Lock: Canto 4
    Umbriel passes through and gets bag of sighs, sobs, and passions. Thalestris delivers his speech. Sir Plume asks for hair back. Belinda and Baron argue.
  55. The Rape of the Lock: Canto 5
    Clarissa delivers speech about vanity of women. Attack on Baron. Belinda peppers him with snuff and demands lock. It's lost. Now it's a constellation--more envy there than on earth.
  56. Helped edit Gentleman's Magazine
  57. Married Elizabeth Porter (more than 20 years his senior)
  58. Left Oxford w/o degree
  59. wrote dictionary. 40,000 words. Took 9 years.
  60. Sought diversion and companionship in coffee houses and taverns
  61. Goldsmith’s "Deserted Village" overall facts...
    May be modeled on Lissoy, Ireland.

    Ideal town. Narrator comes back and it is deserted.

    Auburn metiphically a prostitute.

    Political motivation... rich could seize land from poor.
  62. Rape of the Lock: was based on
    true account
  63. Rape of the Lock: is an
    epic convention
  64. Umbriel goes:
    underground to the queen of spleen
  65. Rape of the Lock: At cards, Belinda
  66. A Modest Proposal: Unstated assumption
    England already is killing people
  67. dean of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Ireland
  68. British and Irish
    British rule. Irish subordinate
  69. Irish national hero
  70. A Modest Proposal: Numbers
    • 120,000 children affected
    • 50,000 pounds per year
    • 100,000 children sold per year
  71. A Modest Proposal: Form
    Ciceronian Oration
  72. City Shower: Overall plot
    When it rains, everyone gets wet. Washes into river. It stinks. Every day events.
  73. foremost professional female author of the Age of Queen Anne.
  74. Wrote "Wife's Resentment" based on her own story.
  75. Prison warden mistress
  76. Arrested by Whigs for libel
  77. Swift's assistent
  78. Wrote New Atlantis
  79. Miris Anibelis subject
    destruction of London by fire
  80. Miris Annibelis quote
    Dryden’s comparison of the conflagration to a Cromwell-like “dire usurper” sent “To scourge his country with a lawless sway”New Atlantis
  81. Miris Annibelis overall ideal
    The poem conveys a sense of new beginnings, of a nation starting from scratch but with confidence in its unlimited potential.
  82. Inspired the rebuilding of London
    Miris Annibilis
  83. first feminist writer
    Mary Astell
  84. never married and was supported throughout her life by a series of wealthy female friends
  85. reflection on marriage written by
  86. wrote A Serious Proposal to the Ladies
  87. Rule Britannia: famous because
    broke neoclassic tradition. Preromantic
  88. Britannia is
    peronification of Britan
  89. Rule Britannia illustrates
  90. Only child to survive past infancy, all others died
  91. He and his mother left an abusive father/spouse
  92. Attended Eton... subject of poem
  93. attended Cambridge
  94. his friends would take his poems and publish themwithout his knowledge
  95. Kitty's name for real
  96. Kitty poem written for
  97. Kitty poem from this POV
  98. “A favorite has no friends”
  99. one false step is never retrieved
    moral of kitty poem
  100. all that glitters isn’t gold
  101. Eton cottage poem is known as a
    Horation ode—contemplative, pensive, calm and peaceful

    opposite is the Pindaric ode
  102. “I am a man, a sufficient excuse for being miserable”
    Eton poem
  103. time in churchyard
    close of day = close of life
  104. churchyard message
    people are dead and quickly forgotten
  105. universal elegy for all people who are dead and forgotten
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