Global II Quiz 8

  1. neutral
    not taking part of either side in a dispute
  2. nonalignment
    a policy of not being allied with the great world powers
  3. nuclear proliferation
    the possession of nuclear weapons by more and more countries
  4. patriarchal
    a family group led by the father
  5. Perestroika
    plan for restructuring the soviet economy by Gorbachev through the allowance of free enterprise
  6. proletariat
    in Marxism, the working class that rises up and overthrows the bourgeoisie
  7. propaganda
    the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of furthering one's position or cause
  8. radical
    one who favors extreme changes in government or society
  9. republic
    a nation in which the leaders are elected by the people
  10. revolution
    a basic change or overthrow of an existing government, political system, or culture
  11. secede
    to withdraw from a group or organization
  12. third world
    refers to developing nations that share common economic goals and problems
  13. totalitarianism
    a government in which all aspects of life are controlled by the state
  14. autonomous
    self-government, independent
  15. suffrage
    the right to vote
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