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  1. What is hydraulics
    The application of the properties of liquid at rest and in motion
  2. Where does the word hydraulics come from
    Two Greek words hydro meaning water or fluid and aulis meaning a tube or pipe
  3. What is hydraulic actuators
    The component of the system that does the work
  4. What is it called when you input a small force to fluid but can obtain a large output force
    Force multiplication
  5. What are the 2 ways power can be transmitted
    Linear or rotary
  6. What is an advantage if hydraulics over mechanical
    Virtually no time lag exists
  7. what are some disadvantages of hydraulics
    foods must be confined, system must you strong pipes in containers , system must be controlled
  8. what is the principle of hydraulics
    pressure applied to a confined fluid is transmitted undiminished and in all directions and acts with equal force on equal areas at right angles to them
  9. what is force
    anything which tends to produce or modify motion first can be pushed or pulled and is generally measured as a unit of weight most commonly being pounds
  10. what is area
    the measurement of a bounded region or plane, or the surface of a solid. Who will be expressed in square inches
  11. what is pressure
    force applied to a unit area. A resistance to flow and is normally expressed in pounds per square inch
  12. what is resistance
    any force which stops or retards the movement of a body. resistance to the movement of a solid could be such as fiction or inertia
  13. what is psig
    gauge pressure. the pressure reading does not take into account atmospheric pressure
  14. what is psia
    absolute pressure. pressure that is equal to the gauge pressure plus atmospheric pressure
  15. what is energy
    the ability or capacity to do work
  16. what are the 2 forms of energy
    • potential energy which is referred to as stored energy, which is present in a hydraulic system in the form of pressure.
    • kinetic energy referred to as energy in motion, which is a present in a hydraulic system in the form of flow
  17. What type of valve is the simplest got a directional control valve
    Check valve
  18. How should a gravity valve be mounted
  19. what kind of valve is used to maintain control over a vertical cylinder so that it will not fall freely because of gravity
    counterbalance valve
  20. what kind of valve is used to prevent or control a motor with a load from running away. It is directly and remotely operated at the same time, but not at the same place in the valves
    brake valve
  21. how will you ever be able to tell if the system has a problem if you don't know how the system is supposed to work
    find out as much as possible about the malfunction, never disassemble any component unless you are sure that it is at fault
  22. what is the number 1 enemy of hydraulic systems
    dirt or contaminants
  23. what should you always do before adding hydraulic fluid to the system
    filter it
  24. what are the 3 major groups to help simplify the troubleshooting process
    energy group, mechanical group, fluid group
  25. what are the 3 ways of tracking?
    • Centerfuigal
    • spring
    • liquid pressure
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