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    • What's this ANSI symbol mean. ( _______________ )
    • Working line
  1. What's this ANSI symbol mean. ( ____ ____ ____ ____ )
    Pilot line
  2. What's this ANSI symbol mean. ( _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ )
    Drain line internal
  3. What's this ANSI symbol stand for. ( ____ _ _ ____ _ _ ____ _ _ ____ )
    Component enclosure line
  4. what is the definition of hydraulics
    the application of properties of a liquid at rest and in motion
  5. What French mathematician established the foundation for modern hydraulics in the 17th century
    Blaise pascal
  6. anything which tends to produce or modify motion
  7. the measurement of a bounded region or plane or the surface of a solid
  8. what is psig
    the pressure reading does not take into account of atmospheric pressure
  9. What is psia
    this is the pressure that is equal to the gauge pressure plus atmospheric pressure
  10. what is potential energy
    stored energy
  11. potential energy is present in a hydraulic system in the form of what
  12. what is kinetic energy
    energy in motion
  13. kinetic energy is present in the hydraulic system in the form of what
  14. what is gained in force is
    Lost in distance
  15. what is the formula to find volume
    length times width times height
  16. hydraulic systems can be broken down into 4 sections what are they
    • input section
    • output section
    • Auxiliary section
    • control section
  17. what is the input section of a hydraulic system
    the pump
  18. what is the output section of a hydraulic system
    the actuators
  19. what is the auxiliary section of a hydraulic system
    reservoirs, filters, strainers, heaters and coolers
  20. what is the control section of a hydraulic system
    control valves
  21. what is cavitation
    condition where then trapped air approximately 10 percent is pulled out of the fluid.
  22. what are the 3 different pressures that are found in hydraulic system during operation
    • neutral pressure
    • working pressure
    • relief pressure
  23. describe neutral pressure working pressure and relief pressure
    neutral pressure( the pressure present when no work is being performed)

    working pressure( the pressure required to perform the work in the hydraulic system)

    relief pressure( the maximum pressure in the hydraulic system)
  24. what is pseudo cavitation and what else is it known as
    condition where air is entering the inlet side of the pump

    Also known as aeration
  25. what are some causes of aeration
    leaks on the inlet side of the pump

    low fluid level
  26. what are some indications of aeration
    • .spongy actuator
    • .excessive foaming oil in the reservoir
    • . hammering noise
  27. out of the 2 which allows more air into the system cavitation or aeration
    Pause cavitation(aeration)
  28. what are some causes of cavitation
    • . too high of a inlet line or too high of a vacuum created on the inlet side
    • .clogged inlet filter
    • . clogged reservoir vent cap
    • .a prime mover with too high of a rpm
    • .high viscosity fluids
  29. what are some indications of cavitation
    excessive noise and vibration
  30. what are the functions hydraulic fluids must perform
    • . transmit power
    • . able to lubricate
    • . form a seal
    • . act as a coolant
  31. petroleum based fluids are actually compressed why is that possible
    Intrapped air in the fluid
  32. At 1000psi petroleum based fluids can be compressed
    1/2 of 1%
  33. what are the purposes of a hydraulic reservoir
    • . place to store fluid
    • . helps dissipate heat
    • . allows for the settling of sediment
    • . mounting basis
  34. the fluid capacity of the reservoir shall not be a minimum of what
    3 times the flow rate of the pump or pumps
  35. a closed loop system should have a reservoir sizing of what
    3 times the charging pump flow
  36. how far should the reservoir bottom be above the floor
    6 inches
  37. how much air space should you have in the reservoir
    10 percent
  38. the bottom of both intake and return lines shall be cut at what degrees and why
    • 45 degrees
    • prevents turbulence
  39. what component converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy
  40. hydraulic pump fits into 2 categories what are they
    • .hydrodynamic
    • .hydrostatic
  41. how are positive displacement pumps rated by
    • .Maximum operating pressure(mop)
    • .Flow rate(home)
  42. what are the different types of fLow
    • .laminar
    • .turbulent
  43. What is laminar flow
    .smooth parallel flow
  44. What's turbulent flow
    .upset erratic flow
  45. Is hydrostatic pump positive or non positive displacement
    positive displacement
  46. Is hydrodynamic pump positive or non positive displacement
    non positive displacement
  47. what is the definition of displacement
    volume of liquid that can pass through a pump, motor or cylinder in 1 revolution or stroke
  48. what is the definition of positive displacement
    deliver a set quantity of fluid with each revolution
  49. what is the definition of fixed displacement
    the amount of fluid that the pump delivers cannot be changed
  50. what is the definition of non positive displacement
    pump does not deliver a set of quantity of fluids with each revolution
  51. the perpendicular distance from the pump discharge to the highest point in the discharge line is known as what
    . Head
  52. the perpendicular distance from the fluid level in the reservoir to the pump inlet is known as what
  53. how many different types of gears are there and what are their names
    • .3
    • .spur gear
    • .helical gear
    • .herringbone gear
  54. which gear has medium pulsation with no end thrust
    .herringbone gear
  55. If the pump has a herringbone gear how should it be mounted
  56. What is a vane pump classified as
    .positive displacement
  57. In the vane pump the vanes will ride against or track on to what.
    .cam ring
  58. In a vane pump the prime mover must have a minimum force of what
    .600 rpm
  59. In a vane pump what helps the vanes stay contact with cam ring
  60. On a vane pump vanes track along the stationary ring by the use of what
    • .springs
    • .fluid pressure
    • .centrifugal force
  61. what are the different types of vane pumps
    • . unbalanced
    • . unbalanced variable displacement
    • . Balanced
  62. which vein pump has 2 inlets and 2 outlets ports
    . Balanced variable displacement vane pump
  63. what is a disadvantage of a unbalanced vane pump and how many inlet and outlet ports are there
    • .develops side loading.
    • .1 outlet 1 inlet
  64. On a radial piston pump how many Parts are there to it and describe each one
    • .4 parts
    • .pintle~stationary shaft in the center of pump which houses the intake and discharge Ports
    • .cylinder block~rotates around the pinion like pintle and house the cylinders and pistons
    • .pistons
    • .reacting ring~keeps piston shoes in contact with the ring
  65. On the axial piston pump how many different parts are there and describe them
    • .4
    • .cylinder block~houses the pistons which are parallel to the shaft
    • .pistons~ piston are connected to the swash plate by the piston shoes
    • .swash play~aka tilt box the driver shaft is also connected to this component
    • .valve plate~stationary component supports cylinder block on the end opposite the swash plate
  66. In a hydraulic system what converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy
  67. What are the two types of actuators
    • .linear
    • .rotary
  68. What are the types of linear actuators
    • .single
    • . double acting differential
    • .double acting non differential
  69. There are 3 pressures that are associated with the operation of pressure relief valves what are they
    • .cracking~ first begins to open
    • .full flow~fully open driving to reservoir
    • .override pressure~pressure difference between cracking and full flow pressure
  70. there are 2 basic styles of pressure relief valves what are they
    • .Simple
    • .Compound
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