1. protagonist
    the main character in a work, who may or may not heroic
  2. quatrain
    a poetic stanza of four lines
  3. realism
    the practise in literature of attempting to describe nature and life without idealization and with attention to detail
  4. refain
    a repeated stanza or line(s) in a poem or song
  5. rising action
    the developement of action in work, usually at the beginning. the first part of plot structure
  6. rhetorical question
    a question that is asked simply for stylistic effect and is not expected to be answered
  7. rhyme
    the repetition of the same or similar sounds, most often at the ends of lines
  8. rhythm
    the modulation of weak and strong (stressed and unstressed) elements in the flow of speech
  9. sarcasm
    a form of verbal irony in which apparent praise is actually harshly or bitterly critical
  10. satire
    a literary work that holds up human failings to ridicule and censure
  11. scansion
    the analysis of verse to show its meter
  12. setting
    the time and place of the actions in a story, poem or play
  13. shakespearean sonnet
    also called an english sonnet; a sonnet form that divides the poem into three units of four lines, usually abab cdcd efefgg
  14. shaped verse
    another name for concrete poetry; poetry that is shaped to look like an object
  15. simile
    a direct, explicit comparison of one thing to another; usually using the words like or as to draw the connection
  16. soliloquy
    a monolouge in which the connection in a play is alone and speaking only to himself or herself
  17. speaker
    the person, not necessarily the author, who is the voice of a poem
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