GCSE Chemistry

  1. power stations burn huige amounts of .......... .... to make .........
    • fossil fuels
    • electricity
  2. ...... are also a major culprit in burning fossil fuels
  3. most fuels such as ..... .... and ..... conatian carbon and ..... . During the ........... , the carbon and hydrogen are ...... so that carbon dioxide and ...... are released into the atmosphere . ........ (heat) is also produced
    • crude oil
    • coal
    • hydrogen
    • combustion
    • oxidised
    • water vapour
    • energy
  4. hydro carbon + oxygen --->
    carbon dioxide + water vapour
  5. if the fuel contains ....... impurities the ...... will be released as sulphur .....
    • sulphur
    • sulphur
    • dioxide
  6. burning fossil fuels releases
    gases and particles
  7. we burn fuel all the time to
    release the energy stored inside them
  8. ....... of crude oil is used as fuel
  9. oxides of nitrogen will also form if the fuel
    burns at a high temperature
  10. when there's plenty of oxygen ,
    all the fuel burns this is called complete combustion
  11. if there's not enough oxygen ,
    some of the fuel doesnt burn this is called partial combustion or incomplete combustion
  12. under partial combustion conditions ,
    solid particles called (particulates) of soot (carbon) and unburnt fuel ae released . Carbon monoxide (a posinous gas) is also released
  13. sulphur dioxide causes
    acid rain
  14. when the sulphur dioxide mixes with clouds it forms
    dilute sulphuric acid . This then falls as acid rain
  15. oxides of nitrogen cause
    acid rain by forming dilute nitric acid in clouds
  16. acid rain causes
    lakes to become too acidic and many plants and animals die as a result
  17. acid rain kills
    trees and damages limestone buildings and ruins stone statues
  18. likes between acid rain and
    human health problems have been suggested
  19. the benifits of electricity and travel have be balanced against the environmental impacts . Governments have recognised
    the importance of of this and international agreements have been put in place to reduce emissions of air pollutants such as sulphur dioxide
  20. you can reduce acid rain by
    reducing sulphur emissions
  21. most of the sulphur can be removed
    from fuels before they're burnt
  22. what is the problem with removing sulphur from the fuels before they are burnt
    • it costs a lot
    • also it uses takes more energy . This usually comes from burning more fuel . Which releases more of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide
  23. petrol and diesel are starting to be replaced by
    lower sulphur versions
  24. power stations now have ....... .... .... to take the harmful gases out before they release their fumes into the atmosphere
    acid gas scrubbers
  25. the other way of reducing acid rain is to simply
    reduce our usage of fossil fuels
  26. increasing carbon dioxide causes
    climate change
  27. the level of carbon dioxide is increasing because of the
    large amounts of fossil fuels humans burn
  28. there's consensus that this extra carbon dioxide has caused
    the average temperature of the earth to increase this is known as gloabal warming
  29. global warming is
    a type of climate change and causes other types of climate change , e.g. chainging rainfall patterns . It could also cause servre flooding due to the polar ice caps melting
  30. particles cause
    global dimming
  31. In the last few years , some scientists have been measuring how much sunlight is reaching the earth and comparing it to records from the last 50 years . They have been amazed to find that un some areas nearly ....... ..... ...... has been reaching the surfaceof the Earth compared to 50 years ago . They have called this ...... ....
    • 25% less sunlight
    • global dimming
  32. scientists think that global dimming is caused by
    particles of soot and ash that are produced when fossil fuels are burnt . These particles reflect sunlight back into space , or they can help to produce more clouds that reflect the sunlight back into space . There are many scientists how don't believe the change is real and blame it on inaccurate recordinh equipment
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